Notorious Figures

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Edmond post office shooting location

Edmond, Oklahoma

In August 1986, Patrick Henry Sherrill shot 14 people dead at this post office in Edmond, Oklahoma.

The shooting later inspired the phrase "going postal."

Richard Cottingham's house

Lodi, New Jersey

This is the house where "Times Square Killer" Richard Cottingham lived between 1975 and 1980.

The house where Steven Sueppel murdered his family

Iowa City, Iowa

In March 2008, former banking executive Steven Sueppel murdered his family at this house on Barrington Road in Iowa City.

Afterwards, he committed suicide by driving his van into a concrete pillar on a nearby interstate.

The boat club where mobster Roy DeMeo was found dead

Brooklyn, New York

In January 1983, Roy DeMeo's body was found in the trunk of a car at the Varuna Boat Club in the Sheepshead Bay area of Brooklyn.

The Gambino mobster had been shot five times in the head.

Dennis Rader's childhood home

Wichita, Kansas

Serial killer Dennis Rader grew up in this house on North Seneca Street in Wichita.

It was here that his sadistic fantasies began to emerge.

Kendall Francois' house

Arlington, New York

Serial killer Kendall Francois lived at this house on Fulton Avenue in Poughkeepsie, New York, until his arrest in September 1998.

Following his arrest, his victims' remains were found in the attic and basement.

Larry Bright's house

Peoria, Illinois

Serial killer Larry Bright lived at this house on West Starr Court in Peoria, Illinois, until his arrest in January 2005.

During questioning, he confessed to burning the bodies of his victims in the backyard.

The Ravenite Social Club

Manhattan, New York

The Ravenite Social Club served as the headquarters for the Gambino crime family.

It was here that mob boss John Gotti and his associates were arrested by the FBI.

The Bergin Hunt and Fish Club

Queens, New York

The Bergin Hunt and Fish Club served as the main base of operations for mobster John Gotti.

It remained a Gambino headquarters up until early 2005.

Carlo Gambino's house

Brooklyn, New York

Mob boss Carlo Gambino lived at this house in Brooklyn up until his death in October 1976.

Nicknamed the "boss of bosses", Gambino held a great deal of influence over the five mafia families of New York.

The house where Gambino mob boss Frank Cali was shot dead

Staten Island, New York

In March 2019, Gambino mob boss Frank Cali was shot dead outside of this house on Staten Island.

The authorities believe that his killer was a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

The house where serial killer Todd Kohlhepp lived

Moore, South Carolina

Serial killer Todd Kohlhepp lived at this house on Windsong Way in Moore, South Carolina, until his arrest in November 2016.

In May 2017, he was sentenced to life in prison for seven murders.

The motorcycle shop where Todd Kohlhepp shot four people

Chesnee, South Carolina

In November 2003, Todd Kohlhepp murdered four people at the Superbike Motorsports store in Chesnee, South Carolina.

The case remained unsolved until he was arrested for kidnapping thirteen years later.

The house where Richard Speck murdered eight student nurses

Chicago, Illinois

In July 1966, Richard Speck murdered eight student nurses at this house on East 100th Street in Chicago.

Miraculously, one woman managed to survive the attack by hiding underneath a bed.

The location where Richard Ramirez was arrested

Los Angeles, California

On August 31st, 1985, serial killer Richard Ramirez was arrested at this location on Hubbard Street in East Los Angeles.

Ramirez was apprehended after a group of residents beat him and held him down.

The street where cop killer Maurice Clemmons was shot dead

Seattle, Washington

In the early hours of December 1st, 2009, wanted cop killer Maurice Clemmons was shot dead by a patrol officer at this location on Kenyon Street in Seattle.

Two days earlier, he had ambushed and killed four police officers at a coffee shop in Parkland.

Richard Chase's apartment

Sacramento, California

Serial killer Richard Chase lived at this apartment on Watt Avenue in Sacramento, California, between 1977 and 1978.

In 1980, he was convicted of murdering six people. He committed suicide shortly afterwards.

Herb Baumeister's house

Carmel, Indiana

Herb Baumeister lived at this house on Fox Hollow Farm in Carmel, Indiana, up until June 1996.

That year, the police discovered the skeletal remains of 11 men at the back of the property.

Ted Kaczynski's Salt Lake City bombing location

Salt Lake City, Utah

In February 1987, the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, planted a bomb at the back of this store in Salt Lake City.

The device exploded in the owner's face, leaving him with nerve damage.

Ed Kemper's house

Aptos, California

Serial killer Ed Kemper lived with his mother at this house in Aptos, California, up until his arrest in April 1973.

His crime spree came to an end after he decided to call 911 and confess to his crimes.

The bar where serial killer Ed Kemper hung out

Santa Cruz, California

During the 1970s, serial killer Ed Kemper frequented a bar called the Jury Room.

It was here that he mingled with law enforcement and discussed "the Coed Killer" case.

Lucky Luciano's childhood home

Manhattan, New York

Charles "Lucky" Luciano and his family lived in this building on East 10th Street in Manhattan.

It was here that the mafia boss started his life of crime.

The Triangle Social Club

Manhattan, New York

The Triangle Civic Improvement Association was a mob hangout for the Greenwich Village Crew, which was a part of the Genovese crime family.

The club served as the headquarters for mafia boss Vincent Gigante.

The bridge where David Berkowitz stabbed his first victim

The Bronx, New York

On Christmas Eve in 1975, serial killer David Berkowitz stabbed his first known victim, Michelle Forman, on this pedestrian footbridge in Co-op City.

Fortunately, she survived the attack and was discharged from the hospital one week later.

David Berkowitz's childhood home

The Bronx, New York

David Berkowitz grew up in this apartment building on Stratford Avenue in the Bronx.

He was raised in this neighborhood by his adoptive parents, Pearl and Nathan Berkowitz.

David Berkowitz's Co-Op City apartment

The Bronx, New York

This is the Co-Op City apartment building where serial killer David Berkowitz lived between 1967 and 1971.

Berkowitz lived here with his adoptive father, Nathan, and his father's second wife.

The location where serial killer Joel Rifkin was arrested

Mineola, New York

In June 1993, serial killer Joel Rifkin was arrested at this location in Mineola, New York.

Afterwards, officers found the remains of 22-year-old Tiffany Bresciani in the back of his pickup truck.

Ed Gein's house

Plainfield, Wisconsin

Convicted murderer and grave robber Ed Gein lived at this location in Plainfield, Wisconsin, until his arrest in November 1957.

His house was burned to the ground the following year.

Bernice Worden's hardware store

Plainfield, Wisconsin

In November 1957, Ed Gein shot and killed a 58-year-old widow named Bernice Worden at this hardware store in Plainfield, Wisconsin.

Afterwards, he brought her body back to his farmhouse.

The house where Sylvia Likens was murdered

Indianapolis, Indiana

In 1965, Sylvia Likens was brutally assaulted and tortured at Gertrude Baniszewski's house in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The abuse continued for months until the 16-year-old eventually succumbed to her injuries.

The farmhouse where Israel Keyes murdered Bill and Lorraine Currier

Essex Junction, Vermont

This is the farmhouse where serial killer Israel Keyes murdered Bill and Lorraine Currier.

The property was demolished shortly afterwards. Sadly, their remains were unknowingly sent to a landfill along with the rubble.

The house where Israel Keyes abducted Bill and Lorraine Currier

Essex Junction, Vermont

On the night of June 8th, 2011, serial killer Israel Keyes abducted Bill and Lorraine Currier from this house near Burlington, Vermont.

Their remains have never been found.

The parking lot where serial killer Israel Keyes was arrested

Lufkin, Texas

In March 2012, Israel Keyes was arrested in this parking lot beside the Cotton Patch Cafe in Lufkin, Texas.

At the time, nobody had any idea that he was a serial killer who may have murdered 11 people across the United States.

The location where mobster Robert DiBernardo was murdered

Brooklyn, New York

In June 1986, Gambino member Robert DiBernardo was lured to a meeting at this building on Stillwell Avenue in Brooklyn and then murdered.

His body has never been found.

John Gotti's house

Queens, New York

Gambino mob boss John Gotti lived at this modest house in the Howard Beach neighborhood of Queens up until his arrest in 1990.

In 1992, he was sentenced to life in prison for murder and racketeering.