Bill and Lorraine Currier's house

Crime Scene Location in Essex Junction, Vermont

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Bill and Lorraine Currier's house: Israel Keyes

This is the house where serial killer Israel Keyes abducted Bill and Lorraine Currier.

It is located at 8 Colbert Street in Essex Junction, Vermont.

In June 2011, Keyes was driving to his brother's house in Maine when he stopped in Burlington.

Keyes had a habit of storing secret "murder kits" at various locations throughout the United States. These kits typically included weapons, cash, ammunition, a propane stove, and restraints.

They also contained a clog-busting product called Drano, which he poured over his victims' bodies to accelerate their decomposition.

Several years prior, he had buried one of these caches in a large bucket near Burlington. Consequently, he decided to locate it and dig it up.

After retrieving his murder kit, he checked into the Handy Suites hotel in Essex Junction.

Israel Keyes randomly selected the Currier home

Shortly after midnight, Keyes dressed himself in black, switched off his phone, grabbed his backpack, and then left the hotel to search for his next victim.

While he was roving through the streets of Essex Junction, he happened across 8 Colbert Street, which belonged to a middle-aged couple called William "Bill" Currier (49) and Lorraine Currier (55).

Due to his experience in construction, he could tell by looking at the exterior that it had a simple, open "farm ranch" layout. He also reasoned that the attached garage would be pretty easy to enter.

Despite being a merciless sociopath, Keyes had one rule: Never target children. This was a prerequisite that he had set down following the birth of his daughter.

After creeping around the back of the Currier residence, he could see that there were no toys, bikes, or anything else that might hint at the presence of kids. From what he could tell, the house belonged to an older, childless couple.

Consequently, he decided to cut the phone line and enter the garage via a side window.

Once inside, he searched through the couple's vehicle, readied himself, and then barged into their bedroom.

Keyes later described it as a "blitz attack."

When the Curriers woke up, they were understandably confused and groggy. However, they complied with his demands to roll over onto their stomachs.

While Keyes was putting zip ties on their wrists, he began to incessantly question them about money, jewelry, credit cards, and whether they had a safe.

This was a pacifying tactic to keep his victims confused and make them believe that it was just a robbery. By that stage in his killing spree, he had learned that most people put up a hell of a fight when they realize that their lives are on the line.


Roughly 10–15 minutes later, Keyes forced the Curriers to walk out into the garage and sit inside their green Saturn sedan.

When the couple begged him to take what they had and let them go, he assured them that everything was going to be fine.

"This is just a kidnapping for ransom."

At that point, he drove out eastward to Route 15, where he eventually spotted an empty farmhouse that had a realtor sign out front.

After bringing Bill down into the basement and tying him to a wooden stool, he went back outside to get Lorraine.

However, when he exited the house, he saw that Lorraine had escaped the vehicle and was now sprinting towards the main road.

Lorraine did not get very far, as Keyes quickly caught up with her and tackled her to the ground.

With his victim in tow, he marched back to the house, where he strapped her to a bed in an upstairs bedroom. Meanwhile, Bill repeatedly yelled out from the basement below and demanded to know where his wife was.

Once Lorraine was secured, Keyes grabbed his gun and went down to Bill, who had nearly freed himself by breaking the stool into pieces.

Angered and somewhat surprised that he was losing control of the situation, Keyes picked up a shovel and struck Bill over the head.

However, the 49-year-old refused to go down. Consequently, he had to hit him again.

When Bill fell to the ground, Keyes had little time to relax, as he soon heard the unmistakable sound of his small propane stove falling over in the upstairs bedroom.

Panicked that it might set the old farmhouse ablaze, he quickly sprinted up the stairs.


After securing the stove, Keyes was surprised to hear Bill yelling again.

By that stage, he had grown so irate that he grabbed his gun, ran down into the basement, and immediately opened fire.

Although he kept pumping bullets into Bill, he was shocked by his doggedness, as it felt like a lifetime passed before he finally slumped to the floor and died.

Following the shooting, he was irritated by the fact that he had left so much blood at one of his crime scenes, as he prided himself on leaving behind very little evidence.

Once Bill was dead, Keyes raped Lorraine twice. He then brought her down into the basement so that she could see her husband's body.

Realizing that he needed to wrap things up before sunrise, he picked up a piece of rope and strangled her to death from behind.

After removing the couple's restraints and pouring Draino over their bodies, he wrapped them up in garbage bags, dragged them into the corner of the basement, and covered the bags with pieces of debris.

Initially, Keyes had planned on setting the house on fire. However, he was now out of time and eager to leave—so much so that he forgot to pick up the shell casings from his gun.

He was also worried that morning commuters might spot the flames.

Following the double murder, he drove to an apartment complex on nearby Pearl Street, parked the Currier's green Saturn away from the security cameras, and then walked back to his rental vehicle.

The remains of Bill and Lorraine Currier have never been found. By the time Israel Keyes was finally arrested, the farmhouse in question had been demolished and sent to local landfills.

Currier house address

The address and the GPS coordinates for this location are as follows:


8 Colbert Street, Essex Junction, Vermont, VT 05452, USA


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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the house are:

44.509894, -73.129589


The entrance to the neighborhood is close to the intersection between the Susie Wilson Bypass and Kellogg Road.

Details about the general area

Essex Junction is a small city that lies to the northeast of Burlington.


Photos of the house and other related images.

8 Colbert Street

8 Colbert Street

This Google Street View image of 8 Colbert Street was captured in July 2011, which was just one month after the Curriers were abducted.

Keyes broke into the house on the night of June 8th, 2011.

He entered the property through the side window of the attached garage. At the time, he was dressed in black and wearing a headlamp.

During questioning, Keyes told investigators that the Curriers owned a .38 caliber snubnose Ruger and that he had cut their phone line prior to entry. He was also able to describe the layout of the house.

These details corroborated his confession, as they had never been disclosed to the public.

After visiting his brother in Maine, he returned via Vermont, stopped in Parishville, New York, and then buried his guns near a reservoir.

The police later discovered both weapons.

Bill and Lorraine Currier

Bill and Lorraine Currier

Bill and Lorraine Currier were never found.

Although the authorities are satisfied that Keyes was telling the truth, searches of the demolished farmhouse and local landfills failed to uncover the couple's remains.

On March 13th, 2012, Keyes was arrested on suspicion of murdering 18-year-old Samantha Tessla Koenig in Anchorage, Alaska.

However, by the time he finally started talking about his crimes, the Curriers had been dead for nearly a year and a half.

He committed suicide in prison on December 2nd, 2012.



Following the murders, Keyes toyed with the idea of using the couple's green Saturn for a bank robbery. However, he eventually shelved that plan because the vehicle was in poor working condition.

Not long after, he abandoned it in this apartment complex at 203 Pearl Street.

The sedan was found parked next to the dumpsters at the back of the parking lot.

Coordinates: 44.501308, -73.132537

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Israel Keyes Hotel

On the night of the abduction, Keyes checked into the Handy Suites hotel on Susie Wilson Road.

The hotel in question is just 0.5 miles south of the former Currier residence. It would have taken him less than ten minutes to walk between the two locations.

Coordinates: 44.506468, -73.134502

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That night, he dressed in black, grabbed his murder kit, and then left the hotel in search of a couple to target.

He also turned off his phone, as he was aware that the authorities would trace it if they ever suspected him of the crime.

As you can see, he did not spend much time walking around the streets of Essex Junction before he finally selected a house.

8 Colbert Street was just up the road from his hotel.


Farmhouse location Curriers

Keyes murdered Bill and Lorraine Currier at this abandoned farmhouse on Route 15.

The site was just three miles west of their home on Colbert Street.

The Google Street View image at the top was captured in August 2011, which was roughly two months after the couple were killed. At the time, their remains were still wrapped in garbage bags in the basement.

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Each event occurred within a relatively small area.

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