Ted Bundy Seattle Locations

Take your own self-guided tour of Seattle's most infamous Ted Bundy locations

Ted Bundy Seattle locations: Take your own tour

This is an online tour guide to Ted Bundy's Seattle locations.

Bundy was a notorious serial killer who murdered at least 30 women between 1974 and 1978.

He abducted eight victims in the Washington State area before he eventually moved to Utah to attend law school.

The list below includes his crime scenes, apartments, childhood homes, workplaces, favorite bars, and other spots that he frequented.

All of our location guides contain useful background information, precise GPS coordinates, photographs, and a shortcut into Google Maps. You can also use our map feature to help you visualize where each place is.

Liz Kloepfer's house

Seattle, Washington

Bundy's girlfriend, Liz Kloepfer, lived at this house in Seattle's University District during the 1970s.

Notably, it is just a short walk away from the house where he abducted Lynda Ann Healy.

The bar where Bundy met Kloepfer

Seattle, Washington

Bundy and Kloepfer met at a bar called The Sandpiper Tavern in September 1969.

The Issaquah dump site

Issaquah, Washington

Bundy dumped the bodies of Janice Ann Ott and Denise Marie Naslund at this site outside of Issaquah.

It is also believed to be the location where he buried the remains of Georgann Hawkins.

The alley where Georgann Hawkins was abducted

Seattle, Washington

On June 11th, 1974, Ted Bundy abducted 18-year-old college student Georgann Hawkins from this alleyway in Seattle.

Her remains have never been found.

Bundy's rooming house in the University District of Seattle

Seattle, Washington

This is the rooming house where Bundy lived in the University District of Seattle.

He started his crime spree while he was living at this location.

Karen Sparks' house

Seattle, Washington

Bundy brutally assaulted college student Karen Sparks at a house on this street in January 1974.

Sparks was his first known victim. Although she survived the attack, she was left with a number of long-term injuries.

Lynda Ann Healy's house

Seattle, Washington

This is the house where Bundy attacked and abducted Lynda Ann Healy.

One year later, her jaw bone was discovered in a forested area on Taylor Mountain.

Ted Bundy's childhood home

Tacoma, Washington

Bundy's family home was situated in Tacoma, Washington.

This is where he lived during his teenage years.

The bar where Bundy abducted Brenda Carol Ball

Burien, Washington

In June 1974, Bundy abducted 22-year-old Brenda Carol Ball from the Flame Tavern in Burien.

Her skull was discovered 10 months later on Taylor Mountain.

The Taylor Mountain dump site

King County, Washington

This is the Taylor Mountain location where Bundy dumped the remains of at least four of his victims.

The gruesome discovery was made by two forestry students in March 1975.

Donna Gail Manson's dorm

Olympia, Washington

In March 1974, 19-year-old Donna Gail Manson vanished after she left this dorm building on the Evergreen State College campus in Olympia.

Bundy confessed to her murder shortly before his execution.

The Safeway store where Bundy worked

Seattle, Washington

This is the Safeway supermarket where Bundy stacked shelves in 1968.

His employment at the store ended after he suddenly stopped showing up for work.

O'Banion's Tavern

Seattle, Washington

During the late 1960s and early 1970s, Bundy frequented Seattle bars such as O'Banion's, Dante's Tavern, and the Pipeline Tavern.

Lake Sammamish State Park

Issaquah, Washington

In July 1974, Bundy abducted Janice Ott and Denise Naslund from Lake Sammamish State Park in Issaquah.

The two murders occurred just four hours apart.

Bundy's parents' house

Tacoma, Washington

This is the Tacoma house where Louise and Johnny Bundy lived between 1968 and 2009.

Ted also stayed here at certain points during the late 1960s.

The campus where he abducted Susan Rancourt

Ellensburg, Washington

On April 17th, 1974, Bundy abducted 18-year-old Susan Rancourt from this parking lot at the CWU campus in Ellensburg, Washington.

Her skull was found on Taylor Mountain nearly one year later.

His uncle's house

Tacoma, Washington

When Bundy and his mother moved to Washington in 1950, they initially lived with his great-uncle, Jack Cowell, at 1514 South Alder Street in Tacoma.

The Bundy family's first home

Tacoma, Washington

Bundy lived at 1620 South Sheridan Avenue in Tacoma for a short period of time during the early 1950s.

This was his family's first home. Louise and Johnny Bundy moved into this house around the same time that they got married.

The campus where he abducted Roberta Parks

Corvallis, Oregon

In May 1974, Bundy abducted Roberta Kathleen Parks from the Oregon State University campus in Corvallis.

Nine months later, her skull was found on Taylor Mountain.

Although Parks was not abducted near Seattle, her remains were found in Washington. As a result, we have decided to include her case in this location guide.

The site where Bundy was photographed with his Volkswagen Bug

Seattle, Washington

Before he left for Utah to study law, Bundy was photographed standing next to his tan-colored Volkswagen Bug.

The photo in question was taken by his longtime girlfriend, Liz Kloepfer, on September 2nd, 1974.

The hotel where he worked as a bus boy

Seattle, Washington

In February 1968, Bundy started working as a bus boy at the Seattle Olympic Hotel in Downtown Seattle.

However, he was fired one month later for suspected thievery after items started going missing from the employee locker room.

5015 16th Ave NE

Seattle, Washington

Bundy lived at this house on 16th Avenue at various points between 1966 and 1967.

Janice Ott's house

Issaquah, Washington

His seventh known victim, Janice Ott, was living at 75 Front Street in Issaquah at the time of her murder.

Denise Naslund's house

Seattle, Washington

His eighth known victim, Denise Naslund, lived at 4522 SW Graham Street in Seattle.

The Seattle Yacht Club

Seattle, Washington

Bundy worked at the Seattle Yacht Club on East Hamlin Street until January 1968, when he was fired for stealing food from the pantry.

During his time here, he befriended an elderly chef named Sybil Ferris.

Ferris later described him as a "peculiar boy" who always seemed to be "sneaking around". She also said that he took advantage of their "friendship" by borrowing her car and money.

Stanley Elementary School

Tacoma, Washington

Bundy was enrolled in Stanley Elementary School in 1951, when he was just four years old.

This was his first school.

At the time, his family was still living on South Sheridan Avenue.

Geiger Elementary School

Tacoma, Washington

In 1953, he was enrolled at Geiger Elementary School after his family moved to North Skyline Drive in the West End neighborhood of Tacoma.

The location where Bundy's graduation photo was taken

Tacoma, Washington

Bundy's graduation photograph was taken on this pathway outside the Warner Gym at the University of Puget Sound.