Ted Bundy Utah Locations

Utah's most infamous Ted Bundy locations.

Ted Bundy Utah Locations and Map

On September 2nd, 1974, serial killer Ted Bundy left Seattle and moved to Salt Lake City to attend law school. By that point, he had already murdered eight women in the Pacific Northwest.

Following his move to the Beehive State, it did not take long before he started killing again. Between October 1974 and June 1975, he murdered at least five women in the state of Utah.

He also attempted to abduct 18-year-old Carol DaRonch from a shopping mall in Murray.

Below, you will find a list of location guides containing addresses, case information, and GPS coordinates.

The site where Melissa Smith was found

Park City, Utah

In October 1974, Melissa Smith was abducted after leaving a pizza parlor in Midvale.

Nine days later, her body was discovered on this hillside in Summit Park.

The location where Laura Ann Aime was found

Salt Lake City, Utah

In November 1974, Bundy dumped the remains of 17-year-old Laura Aime at this site outside of Salt Lake City.

The location where he was arrested for the first time

West Valley City, Utah

In August 1975, Utah Highway Patrol Sergeant Bob Hayward arrested Bundy at this location in West Valley City.

Nancy Wilcox's house

Salt Lake City, Utah

In October 1974, high school student Nancy Wilcox left this house in Salt Lake City and was never seen again. In 1989, Bundy finally confessed to her murder.

565 1st Avenue

Salt Lake City, Utah

This is the rooming house where Bundy lived while he was attending law school in Salt Lake City.

In 1989, he claimed that he brought two victims back to this address.

The high school where Bundy abducted Debra Kent

Bountiful, Utah

In November 1974, Bundy abducted 17-year-old Debra Kent from this high school parking lot in Bountiful. More than 15 years later, her knee bone was discovered at a burial site near Fairview.

The site where he buried Kent

Fairview, Utah

This is the location where he buried Kent's remains. The entrance to the dirt road is roughly 1.5 miles east of a small town called Fairview.

The mall where Carol DaRonch was abducted

Murray, Utah

On November 8th, 1974, Bundy attempted to abduct Carol DaRonch from this shopping mall in Murray, Utah.

Fortunately, DaRonch managed to fight him off and escape with her life.

The pizza parlor where Melissa Smith was last seen

Midvale, Utah

In October 1974, Ted Bundy abducted 17-year-old Melissa Smith shortly after she left this premises in Midvale.

The campus where Susan Curtis was abducted

Provo, Utah

In June 1975, 15-year-old Susan Curtis vanished from this college campus in Provo, Utah. Shortly before his execution, Bundy confessed to her murder. To this day, she remains listed as a missing person.

364 Douglas Street

Salt Lake City, Utah

Bundy lived in an apartment at 364 Douglas Street for a short period of time in 1975 and 1976. At the time, he was under 24-hour police surveillance.

413 B Street

Salt Lake City, Utah

He was living at 413 B Street for a short period of time in 1976.

During this period, he was on trial for the kidnapping of Carol DaRonch.

Leslie Knudson's house

Salt Lake City, Utah

This is the house where Ted's "other" girlfriend, Leslie Knudson, lived.

The couple dated for a couple of months during the summer of 1975.