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The site where Ted Bundy buried Debra Kent

Crime Scene Location in Fairview, Utah

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The site where Ted Bundy buried Debra Kent

This is the site where serial killer Ted Bundy buried the remains of 17-year-old Debra Jean Kent.

The entrance to the dirt road is in the Fairview Canyon area of Fairview, Utah.

During one of his final confessions, Bundy said he drove his Volkswagen Bug onto a steep dirt road that "wound up to the left."

After comparing satellite images against police photographs of the search area, we determined that this is the entrance to the dirt road in question.

This site is 105 miles away from the high school where Kent was abducted.

Bundy claimed that he buried her body about 3 feet deep and then covered it with heavy rocks.

In 1989, a police search team discovered a human patella at the site. 26 years later, DNA testing confirmed that the bone belonged to the missing teenager.

Where is the burial site?

The address and the GPS coordinates for this location are as follows:


Utah State Route 31, Fairview, Utah, USA


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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the burial site are:

39.645829, -111.406648


The site is roughly 1.5 miles east of a small town called Fairview.


Photos of the burial site and other related images.

Police photograph

Police photograph

Image source: hiimted.blog

This police photograph of the burial site was taken in 1989.



This is the original map that was used to mark the general location where Bundy buried Kent.

Bundy had to describe various landmarks and the directions he took because the interviewing detective did not bring any detailed road maps.

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