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Nancy Wilcox's house

Crime Scene Location in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Nancy Wilcox's house

This is the former house of Ted Bundy victim Nancy Wilcox.

It is located at 2409 Arnette Drive in Salt Lake City, Utah.

On October 2nd, 1974, Wilcox left this house and was never seen again.

Fourteen years later, Bundy finally confessed to her murder.

On the evening of her disappearance, the 16-year-old stormed out of her home following an argument with her father. Shortly afterwards, one of America's most notorious serial killers noticed her while he was driving along a nearby street.

Bundy said that Wilcox was walking on a "main roadway" that was poorly lit.

He claimed that he parked his car, crept up on the teenager, and forced her into a neighboring orchard. He then restrained her and put her in his Volkswagen Bug.

Once she was in his vehicle, he drove back to his apartment, where he allegedly kept her for 24 hours.

The following day, he murdered Wilcox, drove more than 200 miles south of Salt Lake City, and then dumped her remains in a rural area.

There are some major doubts hanging over his claim that he brought the teenager back to his apartment.

Firstly, bringing a victim back to his rooming house would have been an incredibly risky move on his part, as there were other tenants in the building, one of whom lived directly across the hallway from him.

Secondly, he gave a slightly different version of events during one of his earlier third-person "confessions". In that interview, he said that "the killer" may have murdered the teenager in the orchard after she raised her voice and began to struggle.

Last but not least, Bundy was a narcissistic liar who liked to toy with the authorities. For all we know, he was trying to inflate his own notoriety by claiming that he had gotten away with such a daring crime.

Unfortunately, the only thing we know for certain is that Wilcox left her house on October 2nd, 1974, and was never seen again.

Although Bundy attempted to describe the area where he left her remains, he was unable to give a precise location. Consequently, her body has never been found.

Nancy Wilcox house address

The address and the GPS coordinates for this location are as follows:


2409 Arnette Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah, UT 84109, USA


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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the house are:

40.688359, -111.821913


Arnette Drive is in Holladay, which is on the eastern outskirts of Salt Lake City. The general area is known as Millcreek. The house is just around the corner from Olympus High School.


Photos of the house and other related images.

The orchard where Ted Bundy murdered Nancy Wilcox

Nancy Wilcox orchard

This aerial image shows how close Wilcox's house was to the orchard in Millcreek.

These days, the orchard in question no longer exists. A housing development called Summerspring Court has occupied the land since 1987.

Bundy said that he crept up behind Wilcox while she was walking along the main roadway. He then forced her into the orchard, restrained her, and put her into his car. He also claimed that he brought the young girl back to his apartment in Salt Lake City and that he didn't kill her until the following day.

However, law enforcement officials and authors find this part of his confession difficult to believe. At the time, Bundy lived in a rooming house with other tenants. Such an act would have been incredibly risky on his part, especially if she was still alive.

Furthermore, during an earlier interview with author Stephen Michaud, he said that the 16-year-old was strangled to death in the orchard because she raised her voice and refused to comply.

Coordinates: 40.686956, -111.822286

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3900 South

3900 South

This is 3900 South in Salt Lake City.

Judging by Bundy's recollection of the crime, it is likely that this is the road where he noticed Wilcox.

During his confession, he claimed that the teenager was walking along a "particularly dark stretch" on a "main roadway." He also described the orchard as "small" and "residential."

Wilcox's house

2409 Arnette Dr

This Google Street View image of 2409 Arnette Drive was taken in August 2014. The house is 1,482 square feet in size and was built in 1957.

The argument between Wilcox and her father, Herbert, began after she told him that her high school boyfriend, John Hood, was coming to pick her up.

Wilcox's relatives said that the argument started over John's pickup truck, which used to leak oil onto the driveway.

Due to the nature of how she left the house, it was initially presumed that she had run away. Consequently, her disappearance didn't receive any publicity.

During his confession, Bundy recalled how the local newspapers didn't mention the 16-year-old:

"Because nothing came out in the paper about it for some time, as I recall in this particular case, which I later would associate with Wilcox."

This comment is interesting, as it shows us that Bundy actively paid attention to media coverage of his victims.

"Bones not those of Bundy murder victim."

Nancy Wilcox body

The article above was published in the Spokesman-Review newspaper on March 23rd, 1989.

During his confession, Bundy claimed that he buried Wilcox's remains near Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. If he was telling the truth, then it means that he made a 400-mile round trip to dispose of her body.

Although the authorities discovered three separate sets of bones near the site, it was later determined that they weren't human.

Bundy's decision to bury his victim so far away may seem a bit excessive. However, there are two possible reasons for this.

Firstly, the skeletal remains of two of his victims had recently been discovered at his dump site in Issaquah. The news of this discovery may have motivated him to put more effort into the disposal of Wilcox's remains.

Secondly, this was his first victim since his move to Salt Lake City. Back in Seattle, the murders and disappearances of local women had attracted a large amount of attention. Therefore, it stands to reason that he wanted to avoid creating a similar level of panic in Utah.

This would also explain why he decided to "branch out" into Colorado following the murder of Debra Kent.

Nancy Wilcox

Nancy Wilcox

Nancy Wilcox was born on July 4th, 1958. She was just 16 years old when she was murdered.

Her friends and family described her as a popular and funny girl.

That night, it is likely that she was on her way to meet her boyfriend at Olympus High School, as the school was only a five-minute walk from her house.

Reports suggest that John was at football practice that evening.

Like many of Bundy's victims, it seems as though she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Aerial photograph from 1972

Salt Lake City aerial photograph from 1972

Image source: USGS

This aerial photograph of the neighborhood was taken in 1972.

In the image, you can clearly see the old orchard. You can also see a small road between the orchard and 3900 South.

2409 Arnette Drive

2409 Arnette Drive

This Google Street View image was taken in September 2022.

Summerspring Court

Summerspring Court

Summerspring Court was built in 1987—roughly 13 years after Wilcox disappeared.

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