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The alley where Georgann Hawkins was abducted

Crime Scene Location in Seattle, Washington, United States

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Georgann Hawkins - Crime scene location

This is the alley where Ted Bundy abducted Georgann Hawkins.

It is situated in an area called Greek Row in the University District of Seattle.

In the early hours of June 11th, 1974, Hawkins left the Beta Theta Pi House after visiting her boyfriend. She then proceeded to return to her sorority house at Kappa Alpha Theta, which was only 350 feet away.

Despite the short journey, the 18-year-old never made it back.

Bundy used fake crutches to abduct Georgann Hawkins

As Hawkins was walking through the alley, Bundy hobbled towards her on crutches and pretended to struggle with a briefcase that he was carrying.

This was a common tactic that he used to garner sympathy from his victims and lure them away to a more secluded spot. The crutches also made him appear vulnerable and less dangerous.

Once he was close enough to his target, he dropped his briefcase and asked her if she could help him carry it to his car.

Believing that the "injured" young man in front of her was in need of assistance, she obliged.

At that point, the pair turned around and walked to a dark parking lot that was roughly 500 feet north of the alley.

Once they reached Bundy's car, Hawkins bent over to place his briefcase on one of the seats. However, as she was doing so, he quickly struck her over the head with a tire iron and knocked her unconscious.

After bundling her into his Volkswagen Bug, he drove to a secluded area near Lake Sammamish, where he undressed her, raped her, and then strangled her to death using a piece of rope.

He returned to the body

The next day, he returned to see if her body was still there and noticed that one of her shoes was missing. Immediately, he began to worry that it had fallen off in the parking lot and that someone might remember seeing his Volkswagen in the area.

He was also anxious because he had recently pulled the same ruse on someone else. Two weeks prior, he had drunkenly approached a girl in the alley behind Beta Theta Pi and lured her to the exact same parking lot where he abducted Hawkins. However, on that occasion, his target reportedly grew weary of him and decided to leave.

This filled him with paranoia. In his mind, the girl in question might come forward and mention the strange encounter if Hawkin's belongings were discovered in the exact same area.

The morning after the teenager's disappearance, police cordoned off Greek Row and searched it for clues. However, they did not inspect the parking lot on 17th Avenue. Consequently, Bundy was able to return the next evening at 5 p.m. and retrieve her shoe and both of her earrings.

According to Bundy, he returned to her body again on June 14th, 1974, and decided to sever her head with a hacksaw. He told detectives that he did this in order to obscure her identity and impede any future investigation.

His third and final visit occurred about a week or two later, when he returned to the site to "see what was going on." During his confession, he alluded to things such as necrophilia, the "possession" of victims, and his fascination with death. However, he did not go into any further detail.

Bundy stated that he left Hawkin's remains in a wooded area near Issaquah, in the exact same place where he dumped the bodies of Janice Ott and Denise Naslund.

Notably, the police discovered five femur (thigh) bones at the Issaquah site, which suggests that they did find the skeletal remains of a third victim. Sadly, the bones in question were lost by the medical examiner's office long before DNA testing became a thing.

Although Bundy told investigators that he buried Hawkin's skull beside a nearby "rocky hillside," a dig at the suspected site failed to find any trace of it.

To this day, she remains listed as a missing person.

Where was Georgann Hawkins abducted?

Below, you will find the address and the GPS coordinates for this location.

GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the alley are:

47.662339, -122.310285


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The full address for this location is:

Beta Theta Pi
4549 17th Ave NE
WA 98105
United States


The alley is in an area known as "Greek Row" in the University District of Seattle. It is 110 yards (100 meters) northwest of the intersection between NE 45th Street and 17th Avenue NE.


Photos of the alley and other related images.

The parking lot where Bundy abducted Hawkins

Parking lot

Ted Bundy lured Georgann Hawkins to this parking lot and then struck her over the head with a tire iron that he had positioned behind his Volkswagen Bug.

After lifting her into the vehicle, he handcuffed her and placed her unconscious body in the passenger-side footwell.

During the attack, her shoe and both of her hoop earrings fell off. However, Bundy was able to retrieve these items the following evening while the police were busy investigating Greek Row and searching local parks.

According to his confession in 1989, he observed the police from afar and watched as they cordoned off the area.

The following quote from Bundy's confession confirms the location of this lot:

"About halfway down the block, I encountered her [Georgann] and asked her to help me carry the briefcase, which she did. We walked back up the alley, across the street, turned right on the sidewalk in front of the fraternity house on the corner, rounded the corner to the left, going north on 47th. Well, midway down the block there used to be a... y'know... one of those parking lots they used to make out of burned-down houses in that area. The university would turn them into parking lots—instant parking lots. There was a parking lot there... [it had a] dirt surface, no lights, and my car was parked there."

In 1974, the main entrance to this lot was on the other side.

Coordinates: 47.664286, -122.310237

Google Maps Link

Bundy approached her as she was walking down this alley

Georgann Hawkins alley.

1. Hawkins leaves the Beta Theta Pi House after talking to her boyfriend and her boyfriend's friend.

2. As she is walking back to her sorority house, Bundy approaches her on crutches and pretends to struggle with his briefcase.

3. After luring her to the secluded parking lot, he strikes her over the head with a crowbar and abducts her.

The alley behind the sorority houses was pretty busy


This Google Street View image of the alley was taken in June of 2019, exactly 45 years after the abduction took place.

Hawkins was heading southbound when Bundy approached her.

While she was leaving the Beta Theta Pi House, she stopped for a minute or two to speak to one of her boyfriend's friends.

According to Bundy, he spotted her on the northern side of the alley and started hobbling in her direction.

On the night in question, this alley was pretty busy. It was not a dark and scary place. This was a popular route that many students took to travel between the various sorority houses. At the time, it was finals week. Some students were busy studying for their final exams, while others were celebrating the end of theirs by throwing parties. Consequently, there were a lot of people coming and going.

When Hawkins failed to return to Kappa Alpha Theta by 3 a.m., her roommate raised the alarm.

Although Ted Bundy was an unknown name at this time, everyone was well aware that girls were mysteriously disappearing in the Washington State area.

A college student named Lynda Ann Healy had recently gone missing from her house in the University District. Donna Manson and Susan Rancourt had also vanished from their respective college campuses.

Furthermore, Hawkins fit the victim profile, and there was no evidence to suggest that she had left of her own accord.

As a result, the authorities took her disappearance very seriously.

When the police cordoned off the alley and members of the local news media arrived at the scene, it immediately became clear to her friends and fellow students that something terrible had happened.

Georgann Hawkins

Georgann Hawkins

At the time of her murder, Georgann Hawkins was an 18-year-old college student who was thinking about becoming a journalist. She was just one Spanish exam away from finishing up for the summer break.

That night, when she met her boyfriend, he offered to walk her back to her sorority house. However, she declined, as it was just a short distance away.

During his confession, Bundy stated that Hawkins regained consciousness while they were en route to the site at Issaquah. Dazed and confused, she started rambling about her Spanish exam.

Notably, he laughed and stated:

"It's funny... it's not funny, but it's odd the kinds of things that people will say and under those circumstances."

He then recalled how she thought that he was her Spanish tutor.

Shortly afterwards, he knocked her unconscious again and continued driving to the site at Issaquah, where he eventually strangled her to death with a piece of rope.

Following the murder, he broke out of his "fever" and started to feel panicked. At that point, he drove southward, past his site at Taylor Mountain, and started tossing pieces of evidence down the embankments at the side of the intersection.

These included the briefcase and crutches that he used during the abduction, as well as his victim's clothes and the rope that he had used to strangle her.

Greek Row

Greek Row, Seattle.

This is an old black and white photograph of Greek Row.

Crowds begin to gather

Georgann Hawkins alleyway

The following morning, TV reporters and crowds of students started to gather at Greek Row. Meanwhile, the police cordoned off the scene and carried out a search.

Aerial photograph from 1977

Georgann Hawkins abduction

This aerial photograph is from 1977. The blue line highlights the route that Bundy and Hawkins took that night.

Back then, the entrance was on the eastern side of the lot. As a result, they would have had to turn right and then walk up 17th Avenue NE.

Although the police cordoned off the alley and searched the parking lots on the western side of Greek Row, they did not inspect the lot to the north.

Had they done so, they would have found the 18-year-old's shoe and earrings.

17th Avenue NE

17th Avenue NE

The pair walked north along 17th Avenue NE before turning left into the parking lot.



The police were unable to find any evidence in the alley.

Interstate 18

Interstate 18

If Bundy was telling the truth, then it means that he drove south on Interstate 18 and then pulled over to toss all of the evidence down an embankment.

In this case, the evidence included Hawkins' clothes, a rope, handcuffs, crutches, and a briefcase.

According to Bundy, he often did this after killing someone because he didn't want to bring the items back to his apartment. However, he'd soon get "annoyed" with himself because he'd have to buy most of the stuff again.



This aerial map shows the Issaquah and Taylor Mountain dump sites.

According to Bundy, he left Issaquah after murdering Hawkins and then drove south on Interstate 18.

He then dumped the evidence at a location that was south of Taylor Mountain.

In the aerial image above, we've highlighted a stretch of the interstate where he might have stopped.


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