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Ted Bundy's 16th Avenue address

Serial Killer House in Seattle, Washington

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Ted Bundy's 16th Avenue address

This is one of Ted Bundy's former residences.

It is located at 5015 16th Avenue NE in Seattle, Washington.

This address is listed in a multi-agency investigative team report that was compiled in 1992.

Little is known about his short stay on 16th Avenue.

It appears as though he lived here at various intervals between 1966 and 1967, which was roughly six years before he committed his first known murder.

Notably, this was around the same time that he started dating a college classmate named Diane Edwards.

Bundy started living on 16th Avenue in December 1966. Before that, he had been living in a college dorm building called McMahon Hall.

In March 1967, he withdrew from the University of Washington. Three months later, he attended summer school at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.

In August 1967, he finished summer school, returned to Washington, and began working at the Seattle Yacht Club.

Following his return, he also started studying urban planning and sociology at the University of Washington. However, it wasn't long before he dropped out due to his poor grades.

Given the sporadic nature of his stays at this address, it seems likely that he was rooming with a friend or a relative.

It is important to point out that none of Bundy's murders occurred at this address. If his death row confessions were truthful, then it means that he didn't kill his first victim until May 1973. By that stage in his life, he was living in a rooming house on 12th Avenue.

16th Avenue address

The address and the GPS coordinates for this location are as follows:


5015 16th Ave NE, Seattle, Washington, WA 98105, USA


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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the house are:

47.665373, -122.311132


The house is about 150 feet north of the intersection between NE 50th Street and 16th Avenue.

Details about the general area

It is situated in the University District neighborhood of Seattle.


Photos of the house and other related images.

5015 16th Avenue NE

5015 16th Avenue NE

This Google Street View image of 5015 16th Avenue NE was taken in July 2021.

Bundy started living here at the end of 1966.

Investigative team report

investigative team report

Two variations of this address appear in the multi-agency investigative team report.

The report in question was compiled by the FBI in 1992.

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