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O'Banion's Tavern

Place of Interest in Seattle, Washington

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O'Banion's Tavern in Seattle

This is one of the bars that serial killer Ted Bundy frequented during the 1970s.

It is located at 5220 Roosevelt Way NE in Seattle, Washington.

At the time, the building was home to a tavern called O'Banion's. These days, it is the location of the Laughs Comedy Club.

During her interviews with the police, Bundy's girlfriend, Liz Kloepfer, told detectives that Ted and his neighbor, John Neeler, visited O'Banion's Tavern a few times each month.

They also frequented two other bars called Dante's Tavern and the Pipeline Tavern.

It is worth noting that O'Banion's and Dante's were situated just a couple of feet away. Because of their close proximity, it is likely that Bundy regularly switched between the two.

O'Banion's Tavern address

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5220 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, Washington, WA 98105, USA


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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for O'Banion's Tavern are:

47.666961, -122.317256


It is situated close to the intersection between Roosevelt Way and NE 53rd Street.


Photos of O'Banion's Tavern and other related images.

Police report


This is an excerpt from a police follow-up report that is dated September 8th, 1975. At the time, Bundy had recently become a suspect in the murders and disappearances of several women in the Washington State area.

In the report, the officer provides a summary of an interview with Bundy's girlfriend, Liz Kloepfer.

During the interview, Kloepfer told the detective that Bundy and his friend John Neeler liked to frequent bars such as O'Banion's, Dante's, and the Pipeline.


Giggles Seattle

Recently, the property was home to a comedy nightclub called Giggles.

This Google Street View image was taken in July 2011.

Dante's Tavern

Dante's Tavern, Seattle

Bundy also frequented Dante's Tavern at 5300 Roosevelt Way.

The building was destroyed by an electrical fire in 2015. Nowadays, it is a parking lot.

Coordinates: 47.667335, -122.317295

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Inside Dante's


This photograph shows the inside of Dante's Tavern, which no longer exists.

Bundy's second victim Lynda Ann Healy was drinking in this bar shortly before her abduction. This has led to speculation that Bundy noticed Healy here and decided to follow her back to her house.

The Pipeline Tavern


Kloepfer said that Bundy and his neighbor also visited the Pipeline Tavern to pick up girls.

The Pipeline Tavern was located at 1540 Eastlake Avenue.

These days, the area looks completely different. The current building was constructed in 2004.

Coordinates: 47.633426, -122.325481

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