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Louise and Johnny Bundy's house

Place of Interest in Tacoma, Washington, United States

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Louise and Johnny Bundy's house

This is the house where Ted Bundy's parents, Louise and Johnny Bundy, lived.

It is situated at 3214 North 20th Street in Tacoma, Washington.

Bundy's family moved into this house in 1968 after selling their property at 658 North Skyline Drive. Following his execution in 1989, his mother Louise and stepfather Johnny continued to live at this address in the North End neighborhood of Tacoma until the late 2000s.

In the aftermath of Bundy's death, Louise and Johnny kept a low profile and attempted to move on with their lives. As did his half-siblings: Linda, Glen, Sandra, and Richard.

In May of 2007, Johnny died at the age of 86. Two years after her husband's death, Louise sold the property for $305,301. In December of 2012, Louise passed away at the age of 88.

According to an FBI report, Bundy lived here for a period of time before leaving to attend Temple University in Pennsylvania in December of 1968.

However, his "fresh start" on the east coast was short-lived, as he only completed one semester. In May of 1969, he moved back to Tacoma and started working at a local sawmill.

Following his return to Washington State, it is likely that he stayed at his parents' house for a couple of months until he eventually relocated to a rooming house in Seattle in September of 1969.

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Ted Bundy's parents' house

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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the house are:

47.266538, -122.478574


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The full address for this location is:

3214 N 20th Street
WA 98406
United States


The house sits to the north of the University of Puget Sound.


Photos of the house and other related images.

3214 N 20th Street

3214 N 20th Street

This Google Street View image of 3214 North 20th Street was taken in October of 2018.

The house was built in 1910. It has three bedrooms and is roughly 2,700 square feet in size.

Bundy's mother, Louise, sold the property for $305,301 in March of 2009. She passed away three years later.

It was last sold for $617,007 in April of 2018.

Bundy's siblings

Ted Bundy's siblings

This family photograph shows Bundy with his younger half-siblings.

He had two brothers and two sisters.

His brother, Glen, is standing beside him on the right. Linda, Richard, and Sandra are sitting at the front.

Louise speaks to Ted before his execution

Louise Bundy

The photograph on the left shows Louise Bundy speaking to her son shortly before his execution in January of 1989.

This was their final conversation with each other. Louise was understandably upset that her firstborn child was moments away from being put to death. Before the call ended, she told him that he would always be her precious son.

On the right, you can see a more recent photograph of the dining room.

Bundy's crimes caught his family by surprise. Up until his last-minute death row confessions, they found it extremely difficult to believe that he was capable of committing such monstrous acts.

While Louise was speaking to Ted on the phone, hundreds of people were gathering outside of Florida State Prison to celebrate his death.

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