The house where Ted Bundy lived in Pennsylvania

Serial Killer House in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania, United States

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The house where Ted Bundy lived in Pennsylvania

This is the house where serial killer Ted Bundy lived during the late 1960s.

It is situated in Lafayette Hill, which is on the northern outskirts of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The general consensus is that he moved to Pennsylvania at some point in December of 1968.

Bundy stayed here with his aunt, Julia Cowell, while he was attending Temple University. However, his stint at Temple University did not last long. In May of 1969, he decided to drop out after completing one semester and move back to Tacoma, Washington

For three months, he stayed in Tacoma and worked at a saw mill. Then, in September of 1969, he moved from Tacoma to the Rogers' rooming house in Seattle.

Bundy's rape fantasies started to "mature" while he was living in the Keystone State. During his short stay here, he made frequent trips to New York City and the Jersey Shore.

For example, he reportedly liked to visit 42nd Street in Manhattan, which had a seedy reputation for prostitution and sex shops until it was eventually "cleaned up" and revitalized during the 1990s.

He also liked to hang around the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey. There, he would stare at women while they were sunbathing and attempt to "trail" some of them.

According to one of Bundy's confessions, he attempted his first abduction at Ocean City in the spring of 1969. However, his target managed to escape. He claimed that this incident made him realize that he was too inept to get away with such a crime. Consequently, he decided to "cool it" for a number of years.

During his time in Philadelphia, Bundy also attempted to track down his biological father. However, he was unable to do so.

Where did Ted Bundy live in Pennsylvania?

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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the house are:

40.093494, -75.254840


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The full address for this location is:

4039 South Warner Road
Lafayette Hill
PA 19444
United States


South Warner Road is accessible via Germantown Pike in Lafayette Hill. The house is situated in a neighborhood called Whitmarsh Village. It is relatively close to Miles Park.


Photos of the house and other related images.

4039 South Warner Road

4039 South Warner Road

This Google Street View image of 4039 South Warner Road was taken in September of 2018.

The house was built in 1950. It has three bedrooms and is approximately 1,500 square feet in size.

There is no evidence to suggest that any crime took place in this house. Bundy was 23 years old when he moved to this suburb outside of Philadelphia. He did not commit his first known attack until the age of 27.

Although he is suspected of murdering Susan Margarite Davis and Elizabeth Perry near Somers Point in New Jersey on May 30th, 1969, his involvement in the crime has never been proven. A multi-agency team report by the FBI indicates that Bundy may have already moved back to the west coast before the double murder took place.

During his early childhood, Bundy lived in Roxborough with his mother and grandparents. At the time, his name was Theodore Cowell. It wasn't until 1950 that his mother decided to move to Washington State.

Julia Taylor (nee Cowell) and her husband George Taylor purchased this property in 1954. George was an aircraft engine mechanic in the US Navy. On July 19th, 1957, George and eight other servicemen died after their P2V Neptune aircraft crashed into a mountainside in the Alps near Venice, Italy.

Temple University

Ted Bundy Temple University

Ted Bundy attended Temple University in Philadelphia between January and May of 1969. That semester, he took political science and theatrical arts classes.

The building above belongs to the College of Liberal Arts.

Coordinates: 39.981028, -75.151851

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FBI report


This is an excerpt from the multi-agency report that the FBI compiled on Ted Bundy. As you can see, he lived in Pennsylvania until May of 1969.

After traveling to San Francisco to stay with friends for two or three weeks, he moved back to his parent's house in Tacoma, Washington.

42nd Street in Manhattan

42nd Street in Manhattan

This is a Google Street View image of 42nd Street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan.

Bundy told psychiatrist Dorothy Lewis that he would often take the commuter train from Philadelphia to New York so that he could visit 42nd Street.

At the time, the area near Times Square had a reputation for sex shops, prostitution, and adult entertainment. According to Bundy, he found all of this exciting and appealing, as it filled him with a sense of control and adventure.

Coordinates: 40.756511, -73.988051

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Living room

Living room

This image of the living room was taken in 2015.

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