The site where Ryan Dunn died in a car crash

Crash Site Location in West Chester, Pennsylvania

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Ryan Dunn crash site location

This is the site where "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn died in a car crash.

It is located at Exit 22 on the West Chester Bypass in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

In the early hours of June 20th, 2011, he was driving along this section of the bypass when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a tree.

Both Dunn and his passenger, Zachary Hartwell, died as a result of the impact and ensuing fire.

That day, the pair had been drinking at a bar called Barnaby's. Dunn's autopsy report showed that his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit.

It is likely that the crash was caused by a combination of speed and alcohol. Investigators estimated that his Porsche 911 GT3 was traveling more than 132 miles per hour (212 km/h) when he lost control of the vehicle and swerved off the road.

At that point, the sports car crashed through a guard rail, hit a tree, and then burst into flames.

The vehicle hit the tree with such force that it crumpled up and broke into pieces. By the time the police arrived at the crash site, whatever was left of the Porsche had burst into a ball of fire.

The incident occurred at 2:38 a.m. At the time, the pair were en route to Hartwell's house, which was just 100 yards north of the location where they crashed.

This suggests that the 34-year-old may have swerved while attempting to take the exit.

Ryan Dunn crash site location

The address and the GPS coordinates for this location are as follows:


West Chester Bypass, West Chester, Pennsylvania, PA 19380, USA


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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the site are:

39.973666, -75.613676


The crash site is situated on Route 322, which is north of West Chester. The vehicle struck a barrier at the westbound exit (Exit 22) for Pottstown Pike.

Please note that this is not a safe place to stop.


Photos of the site and other related images.

Aerial image

Ryan Dunn crash

This is an aerial image of the West Chester Bypass in Pennsylvania.

At the time of the crash, Dunn and Hartwell (pictured inset) were traveling westbound.

The red arrow indicates the direction that they were driving in. The purple arrow highlights the exit that Dunn was attempting to take when he lost control of his Porsche.

Crash site

Crash site

This Google Street View image of the crash site was taken in August 2021.


Ryan Dunn death

This is a close-up image of the site.

On the left, we've included the last known photograph of Dunn. This was taken on the night of the crash, while he was drinking at Barnaby's.

Barnaby's in West Chester

Barnaby's in West Chester

That night, Dunn and Hartwell were drinking at a bar called Barnaby's, which is situated at 15 South High Street in West Chester.

Although the Jackass star was over the legal limit, he was not "visibly" drunk. Eyewitness accounts and surveillance footage do not indicate that he was highly intoxicated.

However, this may have been due to his alcohol tolerance. At the time of the crash, his blood alcohol content (BAC) level was exactly 0.196%.

Most people will appear "sloppy drunk" at this level, as 0.19% is close to the zone where many people experience blackouts and require help getting up.

Coordinates: 39.959426, -75.603991

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Judging by the direction of the tire marks, it is likely that the two men drove east along Market Street before joining Highway 202.

It is also possible that they drove north on High Street, turned right onto Goshen Road, and then joined the highway from there.

Both routes take roughly 7 minutes to drive. However, considering the speed at which they were traveling, it is likely that they arrived much sooner.

Pottstown Pike

Pottstown Pike

The pair died after their vehicle crashed near the off-ramp for Pottstown Pike.

After crashing through the barrier, the Porsche flew into a wooded ravine, hit a tree, and then burst into flames.

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