The street where Maurice Clemmons was shot dead

Place of Interest in Seattle, Washington

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The street where Maurice Clemmons was shot dead

This is the location where wanted cop killer Maurice Clemmons was shot dead.

It is situated in the 4400 block of South Kenyon Street in Seattle, Washington.

Clemmons was shot and killed by a patrol officer named Benjamin Kelly.

Two days earlier, Clemmons had ambushed and killed four police officers at a coffee shop in Parkland.

Following the shootings, he went on the run to evade a massive statewide manhunt.

In the early hours of December 1st, 2009, Officer Kelly happened across a stolen Acura Integra on this street in the South End of Seattle.

The seemingly abandoned car caught Kelly's attention because the engine was running and its front hood was up.

After running the plates and learning that the Integra had been recently stolen from South Chicago Street, he sat in his patrol car and proceeded to report its location.

However, as he was doing so, he noticed that a man matching Clemmons' description was approaching his vehicle from behind.

When Officer Kelly jumped out and ordered Clemmons to stop, the wanted killer ignored the warnings and ran around to the other side of the patrol car.

He then began to reach for a handgun in his front pocket.

At that point, Officer Kelly fired several shots at Clemmons, two of which hit him.

The wanted man then collapsed on the northern side of the street, near 44th Place Street.

Where was Maurice Clemmons shot?

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South Kenyon Street, Seattle, Washington, WA 98118, USA


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47.531608, -122.276874

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