Crime Scene Locations

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The Chi Omega sorority house

Tallahassee, Florida

In the early hours of January 15th, 1978, serial killer Ted Bundy attacked four women at this sorority house in Tallahassee, Florida.

The location where Ted Bundy attacked Cheryl Thomas

Tallahassee, Florida

In the early hours of January 15th, 1978, Ted Bundy brutally assaulted Cheryl Thomas after he climbed into her duplex in Tallahassee.

Although the 21-year-old dance major survived the attack, she was left with a number of serious injuries.

The school where Ted Bundy abducted Kimberly Leach

Lake City, Florida

In February 1978, Ted Bundy abducted 12-year-old Kimberly Leach from this school in Lake City, Florida.

Two months later, her remains were discovered in a hog shed 40 miles away.

The hotel where Megan Waterman was last seen

Hauppauge, New York

In June 2010, Megan Waterman left this hotel in Hauppauge and was never seen again.

Six months later, her remains were discovered on Gilgo Beach.

The house where Amber Lynn Costello was last seen

West Babylon, New York

In September 2010, Amber Lynn Costello left this house in West Babylon and was never seen again.

Four months later, her remains were discovered at the Long Island serial killer's dumpsite on Gilgo Beach.

The woods where Sandra Costilla was found murdered

Southampton, New York

In November 1993, two hunters discovered the partially clothed body of Sandra Costilla in this wooded area in North Sea, Southampton.

The police believe that convicted murderer and suspected serial killer John Bittrolff is responsible for the crime.

The steakhouse where mob boss Paul Castellano was murdered

Manhattan, New York

On December 16th, 1985, three hitmen murdered Gambino crime boss Paul Castellano outside this steakhouse in Manhattan.

The campus where Ted Bundy abducted Roberta Kathleen Parks

Corvallis, Oregon

In May 1974, serial killer Ted Bundy abducted Roberta Kathleen Parks from the Oregon State University campus in Corvallis.

The 20-year-old was last seen near this building on Jefferson Way.

The location where mobster Carmine Galante was shot dead

Brooklyn, New York

In July 1979, feared mobster Carmine Galante was shot dead at this location on Knickerbocker Avenue in Brooklyn.

The restaurant where mobster Joe Gallo was shot dead

Manhattan, New York

On April 7th, 1972, mobster Joe Gallo was shot dead at this location on Mulberry Street in Little Italy, Manhattan.

It is believed that the Colombo family carried out the hit.

The house where child actress Judith Barsi was murdered

Los Angeles, California

In July 1988, American child actress Judith Barsi was shot dead by her abusive father at this house in Canoga Park, Los Angeles.

She was just 10 years old.

The Eastbound Strangler's dumpsite

Atlantic City, New Jersey

In November 2006, four murdered sex workers were discovered in a drainage ditch at this location in Atlantic City.

To this day, their killer remains unidentified.

The motel where Maureen Brainard-Barnes was last seen

Manhattan, New York

Maureen Brainard-Barnes disappeared after leaving this motel in Midtown Manhattan in July 2007.

It is believed that she was a victim of the Long Island serial killer (LISK).

Chris Benoit's house

Fayetteville, Georgia

In June 2007, WWE wrestler Chris Benoit murdered his wife and son before committing suicide at this house in Fayetteville, Georgia.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard's house

Springfield, Missouri

In June 2015, Gypsy Rose and her boyfriend murdered her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, at this house in Springfield, Missouri.

Following the crime, a shocking truth emerged about Gypsy.

The restaurant where Jimmy Hoffa was last seen

Bloomfield Township, Michigan

In July 1975, union leader Jimmy Hoffa disappeared after traveling to this restaurant in the northern suburbs of Detroit. It is believed that he was picked up at the restaurant by members of the mafia and then murdered nearby.

To this day, his final resting place remains a mystery.

The site where Ted Bundy dumped the body of Caryn Campbell

Aspen, Colorado

In January 1975, Ted Bundy abducted Caryn Campbell from the Wildwood Inn in Colorado.

One month later, her frozen remains were discovered at this site by Owl Creek Road.

The house where BTK murdered Marine Hedge

Wichita, Kansas

On April 27th, 1985, serial killer Dennis Rader murdered Marine Wallace Hedge at this house in Park City, near Wichita.

At the time, Rader lived just seven doors away from Marine.

The abandoned road where Brooke Wilberger was murdered

Benton County, Oregon

In May 2004, a young student named Brooke Wilberger was abducted from Corvallis and then murdered at this remote location in Oregon.

Her skeletal remains were discovered five years later.

The store where rapper Young Dolph was shot dead

Memphis, Tennessee

In November 2021, Young Dolph was shot dead by two masked men at this bakery in Memphis, Tennessee.

The 36-year-old rap artist was pronounced dead at the scene.

The boat shed where Dean Corll buried 17 of his victims

Houston, Texas

This is the Houston boat shed where serial killer Dean Corll and his two accomplices buried the bodies of 17 teenage boys.

The site where Samuel Little dumped the body of Denise Christie Brothers

Odessa, Texas

In January 1994, serial killer Samuel Little strangled sex worker Denise Christie Brothers to death in west Odessa.

One month later, an employee discovered her body at this lot on Van Street.

The hotel where Ted Bundy murdered Lynette Culver

Pocatello, Idaho

On May 5th, 1975, serial killer Ted Bundy abducted 12-year-old Lynette Culver from her school in Pocatello, Idaho.

Shortly afterwards, he murdered her at this hotel on Bench Road.

The site where Wayne Couzens dumped the body of Sarah Everard

Bethersden, Kent, England

On March 3rd, 2021, Metropolitan Police officer Wayne Couzens abducted and murdered 33-year-old marketing executive Sarah Everard.

Afterwards, he dumped her body at this location in Hoad's Wood, Kent.

The apartment building where John Lennon was shot dead

Manhattan, New York

On December 8th, 1980, Beatles singer John Lennon was shot dead outside of this apartment building in the Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City.

Maribel Ramos' house

Orange, California

On the night of May 2nd, 2013, KC Joy murdered his roommate, Maribel Ramos, at this apartment in Orange, California.

A couple of weeks later, the police discovered her remains in a shallow grave near Modjeska Canyon.

Jennifer Kesse's condo

Orlando, Florida

On January 24th, 2006, 24-year-old Jennifer Kesse was abducted after she left this condo in the Millenia neighborhood of Orlando, Florida.

Since then, there has been no trace of the missing woman. Her case remains unsolved to this day.

The church where Missy Bevers was murdered

Midlothian, Texas

Fitness instructor Missy Bevers was murdered at this church in Midlothian, Texas, in the early hours of April 18th, 2016.

Her case remains unsolved.

The parking lot where Ted Bundy abducted Julie Cunningham

Vail, Colorado

In March 1975, serial killer Ted Bundy abducted Julie Cunningham from this parking lot in Vail, Colorado.

Sadly, her remains have never been found.

The bridge where Wendy Lee Coffield was found

Kent, Washington

On July 15th, 1982, two teenage boys discovered the body of Wendy Lee Coffield underneath this bridge in Kent, Washington.

Coffield was the first victim of the Green River serial killer, Gary Ridgway.

The club where D12 rapper Proof was shot dead

Detroit, Michigan

This is the location where D12 rapper Proof was shot dead.

At the time, the building was home to a nightclub called the CCC Club.

The location where Caylee Anthony's body was found

Orlando, Florida

On December 11th, 2008, the remains of missing 2-year-old Caylee Anthony were discovered at this location on Suburban Drive in Orlando.

At the time, she had been missing for six months.

Following a highly publicized and controversial court case, her mother was found not guilty of murder.

Phil Hartman's house

Encino, California

In May 1998, actor and comedian Phil Hartman was murdered by his wife while he was sleeping at this house on Encino Avenue.

A few hours later, his wife lay down on the bed beside him and committed suicide.

The house where Cassie Jo Stoddart was murdered

Pocatello, Idaho

On September 22nd, 2006, high school student Cassie Jo Stoddart was brutally murdered by two of her classmates at this house in Pocatello, Idaho.

The house where Nicholas Waggoner Browning murdered his family

Cockeysville, Maryland

In February 2008, 15-year-old high school student Nicholas Browning murdered four members of his family at this house in Cockeysville, Maryland.

The house where William Spengler killed two firefighters

Webster, New York

In December 2012, former convict William Spengler set fire to his house at 191 Lake Road in Webster, New York.

When firefighters arrived at the scene, he ambushed them with a rifle and killed two men.

The site where Arthur Shawcross dumped the body of June Cicero

Ogden, New York

This is the location where serial killer Arthur Shawcross dumped the body of June Cicero.

It is also the site where a police helicopter spotted his vehicle and captured his license plate.

The location where Lorenzo Gilyard dumped the body of Sheila Ingold

Kansas City, Missouri

In November 1987, serial killer Lorenzo Gilyard dumped the remains of Sheila Ingold inside an abandoned van at this lot on Troost Avenue in Kansas City.

Two days later, he engineered the discovery of her body by feigning interest in buying the vehicle.

The location where Ken McElroy was shot dead

Skidmore, Missouri

In 1981, the "town bully," Ken McElroy, was shot dead in broad daylight outside of the D&G Tavern in Skidmore, Missouri.

Although more than 40 people witnessed the killing, nobody came forward to identify the shooters.

The murder remains unsolved to this day.

The house where Andrew Lackey murdered Charles Newman

Athens, Alabama

On Halloween night in 2005, Andrew Lackey murdered 80-year-old veteran Charles Newman at this house in Athens, Alabama, during a botched robbery attempt.

The location where David Berkowitz shot Virginia Voskerichian

Queens, New York

On the evening of March 8th, 1977, serial killer David Berkowitz shot Virginia Voskerichian at this location in the Forest Hills neighborhood of Queens, New York.

The location where rap star Big L was shot dead

Harlem, New York

In February 1999, up-and-coming rap star "Big L" was killed in a drive-by shooting at this location in Harlem.

The case remains unsolved to this day.

The motel where Selena was shot dead

Corpus Christi, Texas

On March 31st, 1995, Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla Pérez was shot dead at this motel by the former president of her fan club.

She was only 23 years old.

The barber shop where crime boss Albert Anastasia was shot dead

Manhattan, New York

On October 25th, 1957, crime boss Albert Anastasia was shot dead at this location on 7th Avenue in Manhattan.

At the time of the murder, it was a barber shop. These days, it is a Starbucks.

The street where David Berkowitz shot Donna Lauria

The Bronx, New York

In July 1976, serial killer David Berkowitz shot Donna Lauria and Jody Valenti while they were sitting in a car outside of this apartment building in the Bronx.

Lauria died in the attack after a bullet struck her in the head. She was Berkowitz's first victim.

Anthony Templet's house

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

In the early hours of June 3rd, 2019, 17-year-old Anthony Templet shot and killed his father at this house in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The case received worldwide attention after it was featured in the Netflix documentary series "I Just Killed My Dad."

The West Mesa Murders burial site

Albuquerque, New Mexico

In February 2009, the skeletal remains of 11 women and one unborn baby were discovered at this burial site in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The women are believed to be the victims of a serial killer called the "West Mesa Bone Collector."

The Gemini Lounge

Brooklyn, New York

During the 1970s and 1980s, members of the DeMeo crew murdered and decapitated more than 100 victims at the Gemini Lounge in Brooklyn, New York.

These days, the building is home to a church.

The Lake Herman Road murder site

Benicia, California

In December 1968, high school students Betty Lou Jensen and David Faraday were shot dead by the Zodiac Killer at this site on the northern outskirts of Benicia, California.

The case remains unsolved to this day.

The Blue Rock Springs murder site

Vallejo, California

In July 1969, the Zodiac Killer shot Darlene Ferrin and Michael Mageau at this parking lot beside Blue Rock Springs Park in Vallejo, California.

Michael managed to survive the attack. Sadly, Darlene passed away from her injuries.


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