The Eastbound Strangler's dumpsite in Atlantic City

Crime Scene Location in Atlantic City, New Jersey

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Eastbound Strangler dumpsite location

This is the location where an unidentified serial killer called the Eastbound Strangler dumped the remains of four women.

It is situated at 8030 East Black Horse Pike in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

At the time, this was the address of the Golden Key Motel. These days, it is an empty lot, as the motel was torn down in 2015 after it suffered extensive flood damage.

On November 20th, 2006, two women were walking their dogs along an access road behind the Golden Key Motel when they noticed one of the victims' bodies.

During a search of the area, the police discovered the remains of three more women.

The four victims were all sex workers who had recently disappeared from Atlantic City. It is believed that their killer strangled them to death before placing them face-down in a drainage ditch behind the motel.

The first two victims were so badly decomposed that a cause of death could not be determined.

Their heads were all facing east. Their shoes and socks had also been removed.

Although the killer did not cover his victims' bodies, the tall reeds beside the access road kept them hidden from view.

Despite a $25,000 reward, the Eastbound Strangler has never been identified.

The case remains unsolved to this day.

Eastbound Strangler dumpsite location

The address and the GPS coordinates for this location are as follows:


8030 E Black Horse Pike, Atlantic City, New Jersey, NJ 08232, USA


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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the site are:

39.379078, -74.489918


The lot sits off the East Black Horse Pike roadway on the eastern side of Pleasantville. It is about one mile west of Atlantic City High School.


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Eastbound Strangler victims

The four victims of the Eastbound Strangler were Kim Raffo (35), Barbara Breidor (42), Molly Jean Dilts (20), and Tracy Ann Roberts (23).

They all disappeared between October and November 2006. At the time of their deaths, they were working as sex workers to fund their drug habits.

None of the women grew up in Atlantic City. Instead, they had all left their hometowns and relocated to "America's Playground". With the exception of Breidor, they were all relatively new to the city.

Sadly, it seems as though the victims were heavy crack cocaine users who left their loved ones and drifted towards the bright lights of the casino town.

The police were unable to determine the cause of death for Dilts and Breidor, as both of their remains were too badly decomposed. Raffo was strangled with a rope or chord, while Roberts' cause of death has been listed as asphyxiation.

Although the women were missing their shoes, they were all fully clothed.

The investigation was hampered by the fact that all of the bodies had been lying in water, as DNA evidence becomes heavily degraded in such conditions.

Aerial image

Aerial image and map

The red dots on this aerial image show the locations where the police discovered the women's bodies.

Golden Key Motel

Golden Key Motel

This Google Street View image of the Golden Key was taken in 2013, roughly two years before it was demolished.

Like many motels on the north side of Black Horse Pike, it had a seedy reputation for drugs and prostitution.

Hurricane Sandy flooded the Golden Key and several nearby properties in October 2012.

The flood damage was so extensive that the owners of these businesses were forced to shut their doors for good.

Before the hurricane struck, this was known as a squalid area that attracted sex workers, drug addicts, johns, and pimps.

Drainage ditch

Drainage ditch

The two dog walkers spotted the first body while they were walking along the access road at the back of the motel.

There was a vacant lot beside the Golden Key, which was connected to the access road via a small pathway. It is possible that the killer parked his vehicle in this area before dumping his victims' remains in the drainage ditch.

Following the discovery, a task force of 36 investigators from multiple law enforcement agencies was assembled to find the killer.

However, despite this considerable manpower, the Eastbound Strangler's identity has never been uncovered.

The case remains active to this day.

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