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Vicki Wegerle's house

Wichita, Kansas

In September 1986, Rader murdered 28-year-old Vicki Wegerle at this house in the Indian Hills Riverbend neighborhood of Wichita.

Nancy Fox's house

Wichita, Kansas

In December 1977, BTK murdered 25-year-old Nancy Jo Fox at this house on South Pershing Street. The next day, he called 911 from a payphone and anonymously reported the crime.

Shirley Vian Relford's house

Wichita, Kansas

In March 1977, Rader strangled 26-year-old Shirley Vian Relford to death at this house in Linwood.

During the brutal murder, he locked her three children in the bathroom.

Kathryn Bright's house

Wichita, Kansas

In April 1974, the BTK killer murdered 21-year-old college student Kathryn Bright at 3217 East 13th Street North in Fairmount. Despite being shot twice, her younger brother Kevin managed to survive the attack.

The Otero family home

Wichita, Kansas

In January 1974, Rader murdered four members of the Otero family at this house on North Edgemoor Street. This was his first known attack.

Dennis Rader's house

Wichita, Kansas

Rader and his family lived at this house in Park City from 1973 until his arrest in 2005.

Dolores Davis' house

Wichita, Kansas

In January 1991, Rader murdered 62-year-old Dolores Davis at this house in Park City, Wichita. Davis was BTK's final victim. Her body was discovered underneath a bridge 13 days later.

The bridge where BTK dumped the body of Dolores Davis

Sedgwick, Kansas

After murdering 62-year-old Dolores Davis, Rader dumped her body underneath the Jester Creek Bridge near Sedgwick. Nearly two weeks later, her remains were discovered by a teenage dog walker.

The location where Rader called 911

Wichita, Kansas

This is the location where Rader anonymously reported the murder of Nancy Fox.

At the time, he felt so "excited" that he was eager for the authorities to discover her body.

Marine Hedge's house

Wichita, Kansas

On April 27th, 1985, BTK murdered 53-year-old Marine Wallace Hedge at this house on Independence Street.

At the time, Rader lived a couple of doors away from Hedge. During his confession, he admitted that he deliberately targeted a neighbor just to see if he could get away with it.

Christ Lutheran Church

Wichita, Kansas

At the time of his arrest, Dennis Rader was the president of the Christ Lutheran Church in Wichita.

His fellow churchgoers were shocked and horrified when they learned that the "kind" and "helpful" man they thought they knew was actually one of America's most notorious serial killers.

The parking lot where BTK left the Otero family car

Wichita, Kansas

After murdering four members of the Otero family, BTK took their Vista Cruiser wagon and left it at this parking lot near Oliver and East Central Avenue.

The Home Depot where he left one of his packages

Wichita, Kansas

In January 2005, Rader dropped a cereal box into the back of an employee's pickup truck at this Home Depot store on North Woodlawn Boulevard.

Inside, there was a letter asking the police if he could communicate with them via floppy discs.

BTK's childhood home

Wichita, Kansas

Rader's childhood home was situated at 4815 North Seneca Street. It was here that his sadistic fantasies began to emerge.

The location where BTK left a doll with a rope tied around its neck

Wichita, Kansas

In January 2005, he left a Post Toasties Corn Flakes cereal box at this location on North Seneca Street.

The box was found propped up against a street sign between 69th Street North and 77th Street North.

Inside, there was a doll representing 11-year-old Josephine Otero, whom he had hanged from a lead pipe in 1974.

Anna Williams' house

Wichita, Kansas

In April 1979, Anna Williams narrowly escaped BTK by arriving home much later than usual.

Roughly six weeks later, he anonymously mailed her a poem titled, "Oh Anna, why didn't you appear." Also attached were items that he had taken from her home.


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