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The Otero family home.

Crime Scene Location in Wichita, Kansas, United States.

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The Otero family home.

This is the house where the BTK Killer, Dennis Rader, brutally murdered four members of the Otero family.

The property is situated on the corner of Edgemoor Street and Murdock Street in Wichita.

On January 15th, 1974, Rader cut the phone lines and entered the house through the back door. He then produced a gun and told the family that he wanted to steal their car.

After forcing the Oteros into a bedroom and tying them up, he proceeded to suffocate and strangle Joseph (38), Julie (33) and Josephine (11).

Rader then took their son, Joseph Jnr. (9), into another bedroom and suffocated him by putting a plastic bag over his head.

At that point, Rader realized that 11-year-old Josephine Otero was still alive and that she had woken up. Shockingly, he decided to take the young girl down into the basement of the house and hang her from a pipe.

Following the murders, BTK cleaned the house and parked the Otero family car outside of a nearby food store called Dillons. He then walked back to his own car and left the scene of the crime.

The location of the Otero family home.

Below, you will find the address and the GPS coordinates for this location.

GPS Coordinates.

The GPS coordinates for the house are as follows.

  • Latitude: 37.697593
  • Longitude: -97.271685


Open 37.697593, -97.271685 in Google Maps to view directions on how to get there.


The full address for this location is:

803 N Edgemoor Street
KS 67208
United States


The house is situated close to Edgemoor Park in Central-Northeast Wichita.

Quick facts.

  • The house is 813 sq ft in size and was built in 1947.
  • Rader did not expect the father Joseph Otero to be in the house at the time.
  • The family had only been living here since the fall of 1973.
  • These were BTK's first known murders. He was 28 years old when he committed the crime.
  • 15-year-old Charlie Otero discovered the bodies of his parents and siblings after he returned home from school.
  • Shortly afterwards, Rader wrote a detailed letter about the murders and hid it inside a book at the Wichita Public Library. This letter rejected claims that more than one person was involved. It also went into great detail about the crime scene.
  • Dennis Rader's house was roughly ten miles away from the Otero residence.
  • Neighbors reported seeing a strange man in the area on the day that the crime took place.
  • Coincidentally, this crime took place 11 days after serial killer Ted Bundy attacked his first confirmed victim in Seattle. This means that BTK and Bundy started targeting their victims around the same time as each other.


Photos of the house and other related images.

The Otero house.

Otero house

A Google Street View Image of the side of the Otero family home. This was taken in July of 2019. We have circled the back door in red.

BTK admitted during court proceedings that he pre-selected the Otero family as his first victims.

The fact that the house is on a corner probably impacted his decision to target the family. Not only did the public-facing side entrance make it easier for him to access the back yard, it also gave him a greater ability to scope the place out.

This is similar to how corner homes are more vulnerable to burglaries.

Inset is a photograph of Dennis Rader when he was younger.


Dillons BTK.

Following the murders, Dennis Rader drove the Otero family car over to Dillons at 4801 E Central Ave. The car in question was a tan-colored Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser wagon.

After parking the Vista Cruiser in Dillons, he walked back to his own car and drove away. Although Rader never specified where he parked his vehicle that day, it is likely that that it was within walking distance of the grocery store.

During the murder of Kathryn Bright, BTK strategically parked his car away from the crime scene. By operating this way, he was able to avoid the risk of someone writing down his licence plate.

That day, Rader was spotted by two separate witnesses. One saw him aggressively reversing the Vista Cruiser out of the driveway at the Otero residence. Another spotted him leaving the car in the parking lot at Dillons. According to the second witness, the man in question looked extremely nervous - so much in fact that he was visibly shaking.

Coordinates: 37.693613, -97.280061

Google Maps link.

Then and Now.


The photograph on the left shows the police removing the bodies of the Otero family from 803 Edgemoor Street.

On the right is a Google Street View image from 2021.


Otero family

Photographs of the four victims.

The Otero's other three children - Charlie, Carmen and Danny - survived because they were at school at the time of the attack.

Originally, the police believed that the killings were carried out because of Joseph Otero's business dealings in Panama. At the time, he had business conflicts with a number of people over the resale of merchandise.



This is an except from the Kansas City Times newspaper. The news article is from January 18th, 1974.

One witness claimed that they saw a dark-complexioned man wearing a rumpled hat driving off in the Otero family car.

The incorrect description of his complexion is a good example of how witness accounts can be unreliable. For example, this person may have only caught a quick glimpse of BTK as he was driving away. It is also possible that his skin appeared darker through the windows of the vehicle.

Because this was in the middle of January, we can rule out the possibility that Rader was sporting a tan.

Aerial photograph.

Aerial photograph

This aerial photograph from 1975 shows how close the Otero house was to the parking lot at Dillons.



A photograph of the front of the house. This was taken in 2020.

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