The Wire Locations

Take your own self-guided tour of some of the most iconic filming locations from The Wire.

The Wire: Filming Locations and Map

This is a list of filming locations that were used in HBO's crime series The Wire.

The show, which ran between 2002 and 2008, was based in Baltimore, Maryland.

Although hundreds of locations were featured in The Wire, we've only included the most iconic places, as most people don't have the time to spend eight hours looking at obscure street corners that they don't even remember.

Below, you'll find a map, addresses, directions, and short guides that will help jog your memory.

The Pit

Baltimore, Maryland

The Pit is probably one of the most iconic locations in The Wire.

In real life, it is called the McCulloh Homes.

In Season 1, D'Angelo "Dee" Barksdale is demoted to "the Pit" after he shoots a rival gang member in public.

From that point on, he has to supervise three young drug dealers called Bodie, Poot, and Wallace.

Orlando's strip club

Baltimore, Maryland

The scenes for Orlando's strip club were filmed at a gentlemen's club called "The Ritz Cabaret", which is situated on South Broadway.

In Season 1, it serves as the main headquarters of the Barksdale organization.

Kavanaugh's bar

Baltimore, Maryland

Kavanaugh's bar is situated in downtown Baltimore.

This is the "cop bar" where members of the Baltimore Police Department like to hang out and drink after work.

The location where Kima was shot

Baltimore, Maryland

In the episode "The Cost" (S01E10), detective "Kima" Greggs is shot during a failed buy-and-bust operation at this location off North Warwick Avenue.

The basketball court

Baltimore, Maryland

The basketball court in Collington Square Park is featured in Episode 9 of Season 1.

It was here that the Eastside and Westside played each other in their annual basketball game.

The Rim Source II

Baltimore, Maryland

The "Rim Source II" is situated at 1870 North Gay Street in Broadway East.

This store serves as a meeting point for drug kingpin Marlo Stanfield and his crew.

This is the place where Marlo bullied Old Face Andre into selling him his ring.

The location where Stringer Bell and Omar negotiated a truce

Baltimore, Maryland

This is the location where Stringer Bell and Omar Little held their "peace talks" in Season 1.

The scene was filmed beside the fountain at Market Place in the downtown area of Baltimore.

Although the pair agree to a truce, Omar quickly realizes that it's just a ploy to draw him out into the open. Not long after, he decides to get on a bus and move to New York.


Baltimore, Maryland

Hamsterdam was situated on Eareckson Place and North Broadway.

This was the "safe zone" where Major Howard "Bunny" Colvin allowed drug dealers to openly ply their trade.

Colvin's program successfully lowered crime rates by containing drugs in specific areas that could be easily monitored. However, it was quickly shut down after the mayor's office learned about its existence.

Although city officials saw the benefits of Colvin's initiative, they eventually decided that an open-air drug market was far too politically damaging to support.

Bodie's corner

Baltimore, Maryland

In Season 4, Bodie sets up shop on the corner of Barclay Street and East Lanvale Street.

Although it is considered an "off-brand" spot, he eventually manages to build up its reputation and increase its foot traffic.

At that point, Marlo Stanfield pays him a visit and forces him to start selling his "package."

The Greek's diner

Baltimore, Maryland

The scenes for the Greek's diner were filmed at a disused property that is situated beside 1910 South Clinton Street.

During the series, the diner serves as a headquarters for the Greek and his crew. This was the place where the shady criminal organization held meetings with figures such as Frank Sobotka and Marlo Stanfield.

Judging by Google Street View images, it has been boarded up since 2009.

Brother Mouzone's motel

Baltimore, Maryland

In Season 2, Brother Mouzone rented room 221 at this motel on West North Avenue.

It was here that Omar Little shot the feared drug enforcer in the stomach.

At the time, Omar wrongly believed that Mouzone was responsible for killing and mutilating his boyfriend, Brandon. However, before he can finish the job, Mouzone convinces him that he has been fed false information.

At that point, Omar calls 911 and leaves.

Edward J. Tilghman Middle School

Baltimore, Maryland

Edward J. Tilghman Middle School is situated at 1600 Guilford Avenue.

This location appears in Season 4, when the series focuses on the city's education system.

During the season, we witness the trials and tribulations of four students named Duquan "Dukie" Weems, Namond Brice, Randy Wagstaff, and Michael Lee.

We also get to see Roland "Prez" Pryzbylewski begin his new career as a teacher.

The bridge where Frank Sobotka was killed

Dundalk, Maryland

In Episode 11 of Season 2, Frank Sobotka meets with the Greeks on the eastern side of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Dundalk.

He reluctantly agrees to attend this meeting after he learns that they can sway a witness in his son's murder case. However, as he is walking towards them, the Greeks receive a phone call from a corrupt FBI agent, who warns them that Sobotka has agreed to become an informant.

This is the last time Sobotka is seen alive. In the season finale, his body is found floating in the harbor.

Barksdale's funeral parlor

Baltimore, Maryland

The Barksdale organization starts using this funeral parlor on McCulloh Street at the end of Season 1.

Previously, they had used Orlando's club as their headquarters. However, they had to abandon it after it was raided by the police.

Marlo's court

Baltimore, Maryland

Marlo Stanfield and his crew hang out at this park in Faith Lane.

This is the place where they hold court. If someone needs to speak to Marlo, they are searched at the entrance on North Bond Street and then escorted down to the skate park.

The location where Jimmy McNulty crashed

Baltimore, Maryland

In Episode 8 of Season 2, McNulty gets blind drunk at a local bar.

Afterwards, he crashes into this overpass on South Haven Street.

Monk's apartment

Baltimore, Maryland

In the episode "React Quotes" (S05E05), Omar and Donnie are ambushed at Monk's apartment on Druid Park Lake Drive.

During the attack, Donnie is killed, and Omar runs out of ammo.

Realizing that he has no other options, Omar decides to leap off the balcony, which is on the fourth floor.

Miraculously, he manages to survive the fall and escape.

The location where William Gant was killed

Baltimore, Maryland

William Gant testifies against D'Angelo "Dee" Barksdale during his murder trial in Season 1.

Although Dee is eventually acquitted of the crime, the Barksdale organization decides to make an example out of Gant.

Not long after, an enforcer named Marquis "Bird" Hilton shoots him in this courtyard off McCulloh Street.

New York Fried Chicken

Baltimore, Maryland

This is the "New York Fried Chicken" restaurant that appeared in the first episode of The Wire.

It is situated at 1301 West Baltimore Street.

It was here that Wee-Bey had to remind D'Angelo Barksdale that they weren't allowed to talk business in the car.

Werner's diner

Baltimore, Maryland

Werner's diner is situated at 231 East Redwood Street.

This is the place where ambitious councilman Tommy Carcetti holds important political discussions over lunch.

The Major Crimes Unit HQ from Season 2

Baltimore, Maryland

This is the location where the Major Crimes Unit set up their headquarters in Season 2.

It is situated on Leland Avenue.