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The Pit from The Wire

Filming Location in Baltimore, Maryland

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The Pit from The Wire: Filming Location

This is "The Pit" from HBO's crime drama The Wire.

It is located on the corner of Druid Hill Avenue and West Preston Street in Baltimore, Maryland.

In real life, "The Pit" is a low-rise housing project called McCulloh Homes.

During the series, it serves as a drug dealing spot for the Barksdale organization. However, it is a much smaller and less prestigious piece of territory than the high-rise complex at Franklin Terrace.

At the start of Season 1, Avon Barksdale demotes his nephew D'Angelo to "the low rises" as punishment for the public shooting of a rival dealer.

In the episodes that follow, D'Angelo supervises Bodie, Poot, and Wallace while they sell drugs.

Although he improves the operation and increases its profitability, it isn't long before a heist by Omar Little's crew throws a spanner in the works.

The Pit: Filming Location

The address and the GPS coordinates for this location are as follows:


McCulloh Homes, Baltimore, Maryland, MD 21201, USA


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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the Pit are:

39.299647, -76.626527


The McCulloh Homes are situated near the intersection between Druid Hill Avenue and W Preston Street.


Photos of the Pit and other related images.

The McCulloh Homes

McCulloh Homes

This Google Street View image of the McCulloh Homes was taken in November 2020.

Aerial view

The Pit - The Wire

This 3D aerial image of "the Pit" is from Google Earth.

The iconic orange couch was situated in the square concrete area.

"You show us you can run the Pit and you'll be back uptown soon enough."

Episode 1, Season 1 - The Target

D'Angelo Barksdale

Stringer Bell informs D'Angelo that he will be replacing Ronnie Moe in "the low rises".

D'Angelo is clearly unhappy about this demotion:

"How are you gonna put me in the low rises when I've had the towers since summer?!"

In response, Stringer informs D'Angelo that he can take over the towers again if he keeps his head straight and doesn't do anything stupid.

D'Angelo moves to the Pit

Episode 1, Season 1 - The Target

The Pit

Wallace and Poot walk over to the orange couch where the gang sits and talks business.

During this scene, D'Angelo arrives to take up his new position.

"Is this the way Ronnie Mo set it up?"

Episode 1, Season 1 - The Target

Is this the way Ronnie Mo set it up

It isn't long before D'Angelo realizes that there are some major issues with the operation:

"This is f**ked up. Look, you can't serve your customers straight up after taking their money. If someone is snapping pictures, they've got the whole damn thing."

He explains to Wallace that they should take the customer's money and then send them around the corner, where someone else can serve the product.

By doing this, they can split the transaction into two separate events.

"Motherf**cka got the bone all the way out the damn chicken."

Episode 2, Season 1 - The Detail

Poot and Wallace

While Poot and Wallace are sitting on the couch eating, they begin to speculate about how rich the inventor of chicken nuggets is.

However, D'Angelo is cynical and disagrees. In his opinion, the creator is probably working in the basement on a regular wage.

Bunk and McNulty question D'Angelo

Episode 1, Season 2 - The Detail

Bunk and McNulty

Detectives Bunk Moreland and Jimmy McNulty question D'Angelo Barksdale about the recent murder of state witness William Gant.

Shortly afterwards, he is arrested and taken away.

"Y'all can't be playing no checkers on no chess board."

Episode 3, Season 1 - The Buys


When D'Angelo sees Wallace and Bodie playing checkers on a chess board, he decides to interject and teach them how to play the game. It is during this scene that he delivers his famous "the king stay the king" speech.

The police raid the Pit

Episode 3, Season 1 - The Buys

police the wire

The Baltimore Police Department carries out a raid on "the Pit". However, this raid is unsuccessful, as the stash house they're looking for has been moved.


Episode 4, Season 1 - Old Cases

Orange couch

When Omar Little and his crew rob the stash house, the gang begins to wonder if there is a snitch among them.

Flushing out the snitch

Episode 5, Season 1 - The Pager

Stringer Bell and D'angelo

Stringer Bell tells "Dee" to start withholding payments from his crew. If someone doesn't seem phased by the lack of money, then it is likely that they were involved in Omar's heist.

Avon Barksdale visits the Pit

Episode 6, Season 1 - The Wire

Avon Barksdale

Avon Barksdale, Stringer Bell, and Stinkum arrive at the Pit.

During this scene, Avon awards "Dee" and his crew for spotting Omar's boyfriend, Brandon, at a restaurant.

Poot is in charge

Episode 13, Season 1 - Sentencing

The Pit

Poot supervises the low-rises at the end of Season 1. In this scene, he repeats the advice that "Dee" originally gave Wallace about splitting up the transaction.

By this stage, Wallace is dead and Dee is in jail.

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