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Hawkins National Laboratory

Atlanta, Georgia

The Hawkins National Laboratory is one of the most prominent locations in the show. 

This is the place where Eleven and other child subjects underwent mind control experiments. The underground section of the complex also contains the "Mother Gate" to the "Upside Down" dimension.

In real life, the building is part of the Emory Briarcliff Campus in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mike and Nancy Wheeler's house

East Point, Georgia

This is the house where Mike and Nancy Wheeler live.

In the show, the address is listed as 2530 Maple Street. However, in real life, it is situated on Piney Wood Lane in East Point.

This is another prominent location, as Mike and his friends like to hang out in the basement.

Lucas Sinclair's house

East Point, Georgia

Lucas is Mike's best friend.

His house is just one door away from the Wheeler residence on Piney Wood Lane.

Hawkins Middle School

Stockbridge, Georgia

Hawkins Middle School is situated in a small town called Stockbridge, which is roughly 20 miles south of Downtown Atlanta.

Up until 2015, this was the home of Patrick Henry High School.

Shortly after its closure, the Stranger Things production team started using the disused property as a filming set.

Max and Billy's house

Stone Mountain, Georgia

Stepsiblings Billy Hargrove and Max Mayfield move into this house at the start of Season 2 when their parents decide to relocate from California to Hawkins.

The house is situated at 5280 Moore Street in Stone Mountain, which is a small town that is about 17 miles east of Atlanta, Georgia.

The alley where Jonathan and Steve had a fight

Jackson, Georgia

The memorable fight scene between Jonathan Byers and Steve Harrington took place at this alley on West 2nd Street in Jackson.

Jackson is 50 miles south of Atlanta.

Steve's house

Riverdale, Georgia

Steve Harrington's house is situated in a small town called Riverdale.

This is the location where Nancy Wheeler's friend Barbara Holland was attacked by the Demogorgon creature from the "Upside Down" dimension.

The Palace Arcade

Douglasville, Georgia

The Palace Arcade makes its first appearance at the start of Season 2.

During the scene, Will Byers starts to hallucinate that he is back in the "Upside Down" version of Hawkins.

The exterior of the arcade can be found at 6501 Church Street in Douglasville, Georgia.

Dustin Henderson's house

East Point, Georgia

Dustin lives in the exact same neighborhood as Mike and Lucas.

His house is situated in a cul-de-sac called Piney Wood Drive in East Point.

This is the place where he foolishly decides to keep a baby Demogorgon called "D'Artagnan" as a pet.

Will Byers' house

Fayetteville, Georgia

Will Byers' house is situated between Fairburn and Fayetteville in Georgia.

Will is abducted by a humanoid Demogorgon creature at the start of Season 1 and then taken to the "Upside Down" world.

Shortly afterwards, he begins to communicate with his mother, Nancy, using Christmas lights.

Later on in the season, Jonathan and Nancy Wheeler attempt to lay a trap for the creature at the Byers residence.

The store where Eleven steals waffles

Palmetto, Georgia

In Season 1, Eleven steals several boxes of Eggo waffles from the "Bradley's Big Buy" grocery store in Hawkins.

Although an employee attempts to chase after her, Eleven uses her psychokinetic abilities to slam the automatic doors behind her.

In real life, the store is situated in a small town called Palmetto.

The Starcourt Mall

Duluth, Georgia

The Starcourt Mall is a prominent location in Season 3.

All of the scenes for the Starcourt were filmed at the disused Gwinnett Place Mall in Duluth, Georgia.

Hawkins Community Pool

Atlanta, Georgia

The scenes for the Hawkins Community Pool were filmed at the South Bend Pool at 2000 Lakewood Avenue in South Atlanta.

This location first appears in Season 3, when Max's older stepbrother, Billy Hargrove, starts working as a lifeguard at the pool.

Roane Hill Cemetery

Stone Mountain, Georgia

The Roane Hill Cemetery is situated in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Its real name is the Stone Mountain Cemetery.

This is where the memorable "Kate Bush song" scene took place in Season 4.

Hawkins Public Library

Jackson, Georgia

During the first season of Stranger Things, the Demogorgon uses the "Upside Down" version of the public library as a nest.

Various characters also visit this location at certain points throughout the show whenever they need to do research.

The exterior of the library can be found in a small town called Jackson.

Forest Hills Trailer Park

Griffin, Georgia

The Forest Hills Trailer Park makes its first appearance in Season 4.

Eddie Munson lives here with his uncle.

In real life, the park is situated in Griffin, Georgia, close to a town called Sunny Side.

Benny's Burgers

Lithia Springs, Georgia

After escaping from the lab in the first season, a hungry Eleven sneaks into Benny's Burgers and is subsequently caught stealing french fries by the owner, Benny Hammond.

In Season 4, this location becomes a hangout spot for Jason Carver and his crew.

All of the scenes for the restaurant were filmed at Tiffany's Kitchen in Lithia Springs.

Victor Creel's house

Rome, Georgia

Victor Creel's house from Season 4 is situated at the Claremont House hotel in Rome, Georgia.

The address is 906 E 2nd Avenue.

It is roughly 70 miles northwest of Downtown Atlanta.


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