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The Starcourt Mall from Stranger Things

Filming Location in Duluth, Georgia

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The Starcourt Mall from Stranger Things

This is the mall from Netflix's sci-fi horror series Stranger Things.

It is situated at 2100 Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth, Georgia.

This location features prominently in Season 3.

In the fictional world of Hawkins, the shopping center is called the Starcourt Mall. However, in real life, it is known as the Gwinnett Place Mall.

During Season 3, Steve Harrington and Robin Buckley work alongside each other at an ice cream parlor called Scoops Ahoy, which is situated in the food court of the mall.

The production team chose Gwinnett Place Mall because it is a disused building with many vacant shopfronts. This gave them the freedom to rebrand the exterior and create a number of fictional stores.

The retro-style neon signs that featured in the show were taken down shortly after filming was completed.

This was done to prevent fans from vandalizing the building or stealing souvenirs.

Starcourt Mall address

The address and the GPS coordinates for this location are as follows:


2100 Pleasant Hill Road, Duluth, Georgia, GA 30096, USA


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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the mall are:

33.961125, -84.125492


The mall is accessible via Satellite Boulevard in the south of Duluth. It is roughly 25 miles northeast of Downtown Atlanta.


Photos of the mall and other related images.

The Starcourt Mall

Episode 1, Season 3 - Suzie, Do You Copy?

The Starcourt Mall

In this scene, the Starcourt Mall and the rest of Hawkins are hit by a power outage.

Gwinnett Place Mall

Gwinnett Place Mall

Image source: Google Maps

This Google Street View image of the Gwinnett Place Mall was taken in August 2019.

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