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The library from Stranger Things.

Filming Location in Jackson, Georgia, United States.

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Hawkins Public Library from Stranger Things - Filming Location.

This is the filming location of the library from the sci-fi horror series "Stranger Things".

In the show, it is the home of the Hawkins Public Library. However, in real life, it is the Butts County Courthouse in Jackson, Georgia.

This is a key location in Season 1. 

In the season finale, we learn that the humanoid Demogorgon creature has been using the "Upside Down" version of the library as a feeding ground.

When Joyce and Hopper enter the building, they happen across the remains of Nancy Wheeler's friend, Barbara Holland, who was abducted by the creature while she was sitting beside the swimming pool at Steve Harrington's house.

Barbara's body is stuck amongst the vines and a strange slimy substance that looks similar to a spider's web.

During the same scene, they also see a skull belonging to another unidentified victim.

Shortly afterwards, the pair find Joyce's son, Will, who has been missing since the first episode. He is not breathing and a vine is attached to his mouth.

Fortunately, Hopper and Nancy are able to save his life by removing the tendril and giving him CPR.

Interestingly, this filming location is just a short walk away from the alley where Jonathan Byers and Steve Harrington had their memorable fight scene.

Where is the Hawkins Public Library?

Below, you will find the address and the GPS coordinates for this location.

GPS coordinates.

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the library are:

33.294748, -83.966920


To view directions on how to get there, you can use the Google Maps shortcut below:

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The full address for this location is:

Butts County Courthouse
98 3rd Street
GA 30233
United States


The building is situated close to the intersection between West 3rd Street and South Mulberry Street in Jackson.

Jackson is roughly 50 miles south of Atlanta, Georgia.

A number of online guides state that the library was filmed at the Butts County Probate Court. However, that information is outdated, as the Butts County Probate Court building is now 0.3 miles west of this location.


Photos of the library and other related images.

The Upside Down.

Episode 8, Season 1 - The Upside Down

Upside Down library

The "Upside Down" equivalent of the Hawkins Public Library is covered in vines. 

This is where the Demogorgon brought its victims in Season 1.

At the time, the Demogorgon was seriously injured following an ambush at the Byers residence.

As a result, Joyce and Hopper were able to track the nest down by following the trail of blood that the creature had left behind.


Demogorgon nest

Victims are tangled up in a slimy web-like substance. It is likely that this is some kind of nest.

98 3rd Street.

98 3rd Street, Jackson

This Google Street View image of the Butts County Courthouse was taken in April of 2022. The building was constructed in 1898.

Its judicial functions stopped in 2019. There are currently plans to transform it into a tourism center.


Butts County Courthouse

This Google Street View image from 2022 shows the eastern side of the building.

Barbara Holland.

Barbara Holland

Barbara Holland was attacked by the creature while she was sitting beside the pool at Steve Harrington's house. 

During the scene, the creature creeps up on her from behind and then drags her back to the "Upside Down" dimension.

In her final appearance, the Demogorgon pulls her down into the empty "Upside Down" version of Steve's swimming pool.

Joyce and Hopper stumble across her remains while they are searching for Will in the Hawkins Public Library.

Barb's death is particularly sad, as she only attended Steve's party to please her friend Nancy.

She could have easily left the party when Nancy and Steve went upstairs. Instead, she stuck around and sat outside by the pool, cutting a lonely figure.

Will Byers.

Will Byers

When Joyce finds her son Will, he is lodged in the nest and a vine is attached to his mouth. 

It is likely that these vines "feed" off of the victims that the Demogorgon brings back, as they all seem to be a part of an interconnected hive mind.

Hopper frees Will by pulling the vine from his mouth and then shooting it.

Shortly afterwards, Joyce realizes that her son is not breathing.

At that point, Hopper gives the boy CPR and ferociously pounds on his chest until he eventually comes back to life.

Nancy and Robin.

Episode 3, Season 4 - The Monster and the Superhero

Nancy and Robin

Nancy Wheeler and Robin Buckley enter the library to do some research on an old murder case.

Clock tower.

Clock tower

There is a prominent clock tower on the southern side of the building.

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