Map: Ted Bundy Florida Locations

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Bundy's rooming house in Tallahassee

Tallahassee, Florida

During his short stay in Florida, Bundy lived at "the Oak" rooming house on West College Avenue in Tallahassee. He signed the lease for his room using the alias Chris Hagen.

The Chi Omega sorority house

Tallahassee, Florida

In the early hours of January 15th, 1978, Ted Bundy attacked four women at the Chi Omega sorority house on West Jefferson Street.

University students Margaret Bowman and Lisa Levy died during the brutal assault. The other two victims were seriously injured.

Cheryl Thomas' house

Tallahassee, Florida

After leaving the Chi Omega sorority house, Bundy climbed in through Cheryl Thomas' kitchen window on Dunwoody Street. He then proceeded to bludgeon the young college student while she was sleeping.

Although Cheryl survived because of the quick-thinking actions of her two neighbors, she suffered multiple skull fractures that ended her hopes of becoming a professional dancer.

The location where Bundy was arrested

Pensacola, Florida

In February 1978, Bundy was pulled over and arrested at this location in Pensacola, Florida. After his suspicious behavior was noticed by a police officer, the wanted fugitive was followed and then apprehended for driving a stolen vehicle.

It was here that Bundy's murder spree finally came to an abrupt end.

Kimberly Leach's school

Lake City, Florida

On the morning of February 9th, 1978, Bundy abducted 12-year-old Kimberly Leach from her school in Lake City. Two months later, her remains were discovered in Suwannee River State Park.

The site where Kimberly Leach's remains were found

Live Oak, Florida

On April 7th, 1978, Kimberly Leach's decomposed remains were discovered in an abandoned hog shed at this location in Suwannee River State Park. Investigators believe that Bundy cut the young girl's throat using a hunting knife.

The store where he bought a hunting knife

Jacksonville, Florida

One day before the abduction of Kimberly Leach, he purchased a hunting knife for $26 at the Green Acres Sporting Goods store in Jacksonville.

The owner of the store, John Farhat, later testified against Bundy in his murder trial.

The house where Bundy stole a Volkswagen Bug

Tallahassee, Florida

On February 12th, 1978, Bundy stole a Volkswagen Super Bug from outside this house on East Georgia Street. At the time, he needed a reliable vehicle so that he could leave Florida and drive westward towards Alabama.

The mall where he approached Leslie Parmenter

Jacksonville, Florida

On February 8th, 1978, 14-year-old Leslie Parmenter was approached by a strange man at this parking lot in Jacksonville.

Later, it emerged that the man in question was Ted Bundy.

The location where Bundy was photographed in handcuffs

Tallahassee, Florida

On August 7th, 1978, Bundy was photographed smiling in handcuffs outside the Leon County Courthouse.

At the time, he was on trial for the Chi Omega sorority house murders.


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