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Ted Bundy's house in Tallahassee, Florida

Serial Killer House in Tallahassee, Florida, United States

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Ted Bundy's house in Tallahassee, Florida

This is the house where serial killer Ted Bundy lived in Florida.

It is situated at 409 West College Avenue in Tallahassee, Florida.

During the 1970s, it was a rooming house called "the Oak." However, these days, it is a parking lot for a fraternity house.

On December 31st, 1977, Bundy escaped from jail in Colorado and fled eastward across the United States.

After spending seven days traveling through Illinois, Michigan, and Georgia, he eventually settled at this location in Tallahassee, Florida.

According to Bundy, he chose Florida as his new home because of how far away it was from the Pacific Northwest. Due to the distance involved, he reasoned that there was a much lower chance of someone recognizing him there.

Bundy started living at "the Oak" rooming house on January 7th, 1978. He signed the lease for his second-floor apartment using the name Chris Hagen.

By the time he arrived in the Sunshine State, two and a half years had passed since he abducted his last known victim, Susan Curtis.

Despite the passage of time, it did not take long for his old urges to resurface and take over. Within a week of moving into "the Oak", he was already trolling around the Florida State University campus in search of his next victim.

In the early hours of January 15th, Bundy entered the Chi Omega sorority house on West Jefferson Street and brutally attacked four sleeping women in the space of 15 minutes. Then, after leaving the sorority house, he attacked another woman named Cheryl Thomas, who was living just a couple of blocks away.

Two of the victims died. The other three women were left with serious injuries.

On February 8th, 1978, he abducted 12-year-old Kimberly Dianne Leach from her school in Lake City. Her remains were discovered roughly fifty days later near Suwannee River State Park.

Bundy continued living at this location until February 12th. By that point, he was falling behind on his rent and starting to feel paranoid that the police were honing in on him.

As a result, he stole a Volkswagen Bug and decided to drive westward towards Alabama. Fortunately, he never made it that far. Nor did he get the chance to harm another victim.

Three days later, Bundy's luck finally came to an end when he was arrested during a traffic stop in Pensacola.

Where did Ted Bundy live in Florida?

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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the apartment are:

30.440603, -84.286199


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The full address for this location is:

409 W College Avenue
FL 32301
United States


The house was situated in Tallahassee's Downtown College Park district. The lot sits beside the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house, which is close to the corner of West College Avenue and South Boulevard Street. It is a short walk from the Museum of Florida History and the Old City Cemetery.


Photos of the apartment and other related images.

The Oak in Tallahassee

The Oak in Tallahassee

This is an old photograph of "the Oak" rooming house in Tallahassee. It was named after a giant oak tree that still exists at the front of the lot.

Bundy started renting Room 12 on the second floor on January 7th, 1978.

During his short stay here, he reportedly went on a date with a woman who lived across the hall from him.

At some point in the late 1970s or early 1980s, this building was converted into a fraternity house. However, it was significantly damaged by a fire in the late 1980s.

Following the fire, the property remained vacant and boarded up for a number of years. According to locals, it was torn down because it was an eyesore and a hotspot for anti-social behavior.

After the house was demolished, 409 W College Avenue became an empty, fenced-off lot.

Then, at some point after 2016, it was converted into a parking lot for the adjoining Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house.

Empty lot

Empty lot

This Google Street View image of the lot was taken in December of 2016. Shortly afterwards, it was converted into a parking lot.

As you can see, the large oak tree still exists.

409 W College Avenue

409 W College Avenue

This Google Street View image of 409 West College Avenue was taken in December of 2020.

Chi Omega sorority house

Ted Bundy sorority house

The aerial image above illustrates how close "the Oak" was to the Chi Omega sorority house.

The route is only 0.5 miles long.

Bundy's room

Ted Bundy room

This is a colorized photograph of the room that Ted Bundy lived in while he was staying in Tallahassee.

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