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Other places that are relatively close to the following location:

James Dean's crash site

Crash Site Location in Shandon, California

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The location where "Kai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker" was interviewed

Roughly 94 miles away.

Interview Location in Fresno, California

In February 2013, a homeless drifter named Kai Lawrence rushed to a woman's defense by striking her attacker over the back of the head with a hatchet.

Following the incident, he gave a famous interview at this street corner in Fresno.

The alley where Candice Welch's body was found

Roughly 95 miles away.

Crime Location in Bakersfield, California

In May 2020, the remains of 25-year-old Candice Welch were found in a trash can in this alley in Bakersfield, California.

The investigation into her murder remains open.

Paul Walker's crash site

Roughly 164 miles away.

Crash Site Location in Valencia, California

In November 2013, Hollywood actor Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas died in a car crash at this location on Hercules Street in Santa Clarita, California.

The house where child actress Judith Barsi was murdered

Roughly 176 miles away.

Crime Location in Los Angeles, California

In July 1988, American child actress Judith Barsi was shot dead by her abusive father at this house in Canoga Park, Los Angeles.

She was just 10 years old.

Phil Hartman's house

Roughly 185 miles away.

Crime Location in Encino, California

In May 1998, actor and comedian Phil Hartman was murdered by his wife while he was sleeping at this house on Encino Avenue.

A few hours later, his wife lay down on the bed beside him and committed suicide.

The house where actor Hervé Villechaize committed suicide

Roughly 190 miles away.

Death Location in Los Angeles, California

On September 4th, 1993, Fantasy Island actor Hervé Villechaize committed suicide at this house in the North Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The house where Mac Miller died

Roughly 193 miles away.

Death Location in Studio City, California

In September 2018, rap star Mac Miller died from an overdose at this house in Studio City, Los Angeles.

He was only 26 years old.


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