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Paul Walker's crash site

Crash Site Location in Valencia, California

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Paul Walker crash site location

This is the site where Hollywood actor Paul Walker died in a car crash.

It is located at 28385 Constellation Road in Valencia, California.

At around 3:30 p.m. on November 30th, 2013, Walker and his friend Roger Rodas were driving along this street in a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT when their vehicle spun out of control.

The car struck a lamp post and two trees before bursting into flames. Both of the men suffered serious traumatic injuries and were burned beyond recognition.

The Los Angeles County coroner ruled that Walker died due to the combined effects of the impact and the resulting fire.

Investigators determined that the vehicle was driving nearly twice the speed limit at the time. Furthermore, it was fitted with two nine-year-old tires. Although the mileage on the car was very low, it is likely that the tires had become overcured and hard over time.

Paul Walker crash site location

The address and the GPS coordinates for this location are as follows:


28385 Constellation Road, Valencia, California, CA 91355, USA


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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the site are:

34.453304, -118.578954


The road is in a business park on the northwestern outskirts of Santa Clarita.

Details about the general area

Valencia is a neighborhood in Santa Clarita, which lies to the north of Los Angeles.


Photos of the site and other related images.

Crash site

Crash site

Image source: Google Maps

This is an aerial image of Hercules Street, which is close to the Rye Canyon Business Park in Santa Clarita.

The red circle pinpoints the exact area where the vehicle struck a lamppost and two trees. The red arrow shows the direction that the pair were driving in.

Inset is a photograph of Walker with his longtime friend Roger Rodas. Rodas was a financial planner who managed the wealth management department for Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He was also the owner of a racing shop in Los Angeles.

Rodas was driving the car when it spun out of control.

Hercules Street

Hercules Street

This Google Street View image of Hercules Street was taken in November 2020.

The speed limit at the time was 45 mph. However, Rodas and Walker were reportedly traveling between 80 and 93 mph.

Inset is a photograph of the wrecked 2005 Porsche Carrera GT.

The car hit a lamp post

Lamp post

Walker's car hit a concrete lamp post before crashing into a tree.

The tree in question is no longer present at the site. It has since been replaced by a large shrub.

The adjoining road often has skid marks, as it is a popular place for motorists who want to "test" their performance cars. This is because it is wide, straight, and relatively quiet, especially outside of normal business hours.

Locals refer to this roadway as the Hercules Loop.


Paul Walker crash map

The map above shows the route that Walker and Rodas took in the lead-up to the crash. It was 0.7 miles long, and it would have taken them less than two minutes to drive it.

That day, the pair were attending a charity event called "Winter Drive" at 28309 Constellation Road. Winter Drive was marketed as an "automotive event" and toy drive. Walker's charity, Reach Out Worldwide, was one of the main organizers.

Walker and Rodas took the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT for a test drive at around 3.20 p.m. The vehicle was owned by Rodas' racing store, which had purchased it in the spring of 2013.

After heading west along Constellation Road, the pair turned right and continued northbound on Kelly Johnson Parkway.

Rodas lost control of the Porsche shortly after they turned onto Hercules Street.

Car experts have said that the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT can be quite difficult to drive because it lacks electronic stability control. This, coupled with the old tires, may have played a huge role in the crash.



This Google Street View image was captured in 2011, roughly two years before the accident.

The Porsche struck the tree that we have circled in red.

To the right of the tree, you can see an exposed pipe near the ground. Shortly after the crash, there was online speculation that this pipe belonged to a gas line.

However, a representative from the utility company, SoCalGas, confirmed that it was just a water line.

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