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Dean Corll's apartment on Yorktown Street

Serial Killer House in Houston, Texas

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Dean Corll's apartment on Wirt Road

Roughly 6 miles away.

Serial Killer House in Houston, Texas

Serial killer Dean Corll lived at this apartment on Wirt Road in Houston between January 20th and March 7th, 1973.

The boat shed where Dean Corll buried 17 of his victims

Roughly 8 miles away.

Crime Location in Houston, Texas

This is the Houston boat shed where serial killer Dean Corll and his two accomplices buried the bodies of 17 teenage boys.

The house where serial killer Dean Corll lived

Roughly 19 miles away.

Serial Killer House in Pasadena, Texas

This is the house where serial killer Dean Corll lived.

Between June and August 1973, Corll murdered eight teenage boys at this address in Pasadena, Houston.

The Texas Killing Fields

Roughly 36 miles away.

Crime Location in League City, Texas

Between 1983 and 1991, an unidentified serial killer dumped the bodies of four women in this oil field in League City, Texas.

The area in question has been nicknamed "the Texas Killing Fields."

The parking lot where serial killer Israel Keyes was arrested

Roughly 146 miles away.

Arrest Location in Lufkin, Texas

In March 2012, Israel Keyes was arrested in this parking lot beside the Cotton Patch Cafe in Lufkin, Texas.

At the time, nobody had any idea that he was a serial killer who may have murdered 11 people across the United States.


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