Dean Corll's apartment on Yorktown Street

Serial Killer House in Houston, Texas

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Dean Corll's apartment on Yorktown Street

Serial killer Dean Corll lived at this apartment complex on Yorktown Street in 1970.

At least two of his victims were murdered at this location.

On December 13th, 1970, James E. Glass and Danny M. Yates were lured back to 3300 Yorktown Street by Corll's teenage accomplice, David Brooks.

Brooks knew both Glass and Yates. When he approached them, they were attending an evangelical rally in the Heights area of Houston.

Shortly after the two 14-year-olds arrived at this apartment complex, Dean Corll strangled them to death with a cord.

Following the murders, he buried their bodies underneath a rented boat shed on Silver Bell Street.

Where is the apartment?

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3300 Yorktown Street, Houston, Texas, TX 77056, USA


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GPS coordinates

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29.731150, -95.471417


The apartment building sits on the southern side of Richmond Avenue in the Larchmont neighborhood of Houston.

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