Dean Corll's apartment on Wirt Road

Serial Killer House in Houston, Texas

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Dean Corll's apartment on Wirt Road

Dean Corll lived at this apartment on Wirt Road between January 20th and March 7th, 1973.

Corll was a serial killer who tortured and murdered at least 28 teenagers during the early 1970s.

On February 1st, 1973, he killed 17-year-old Joseph Allen Lyles at this address and then buried him at Jefferson County Beach.

Lyles' remains were not discovered until 1983.

Afterwards, his identity remained a mystery until DNA testing uncovered a familial match in 2009.

Corll would have probably murdered more boys at this apartment had he not developed a hydrocele in early 1973 (a hydrocele consists of fluid and swelling in the scrotum).

Following the murder of Lyles, he remained inactive until June.

On March 7th, he left Wirt Road and moved into a house at 2020 Lamar Drive in Pasadena.

Where is the apartment located?

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1855 Wirt Road, Houston, Texas, TX 77055, USA


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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the apartment are:

29.806319, -95.486102


The "La Serena" apartment complex is situated off Wirt Road, in the Spring Branch East neighborhood of Houston. 

Note that the complex is gated. As a result, you will not be able to enter.


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1855 Wirt Road

1855 Wirt Road

This is an aerial photograph of the apartment at 1855 Wirt Road. We have circled the property in red.

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