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Frank DeCicco's house

Mobster House in Staten Island, New York

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Frank DeCicco's house

This is the former home of mobster Frank DeCicco.

It is located at 1300 Forest Hill Road on Staten Island, New York.

DeCicco became the underboss of the Gambino family after he helped John Gotti assassinate Paul Castellano in December 1985.

Castellano's murder infuriated the leadership of the other mafia families in New York, as it had not been officially sanctioned by the Commission.

From their perspective, DeCicco and Gotti's decision to "whack" their own boss without getting approval had set a very dangerous precedent.

In response, the head of the Genovese family, Vincent Gigante, put a contract on both of their heads.

On April 13th, 1986, a bomb killed DeCicco while he was getting into his car on 86th Street in Brooklyn.

Gotti, on the other hand, survived the bombing. Although he was supposed to be there that day, he changed his plans at the last moment.

Frank DeCicco house address

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1300 Forest Hill Rd, Staten Island, New York, NY 10314, USA


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40.587716, -74.146317

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