Map: Frank DeCicco's house

1300 Forest Hill Rd, Staten Island, NY 10314

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Frank DeCicco's house

Mobster House in Staten Island, New York

Gambino underboss Frank DeCicco lived at this house on Staten Island until his assassination in April 1986.

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The Gambino social club

1468 86th Street

Image source: Google Maps

That Sunday afternoon, DeCicco attended a meeting at a Gambino hangout at 1468 86th Street, which was opposite the car dealership.

The "social club" was being run by a Gambino capo named James "Jimmy Brown" Failla. Also present that day was Lucchese soldier Frank Bellino, who ran various union scams.

As the meeting came to a close, Bellino asked if he could have some business cards. However, the cards in question were in DeCicco's Buick Electra.

At that point, Bellino accompanied DeCicco out of the social club and followed him across the street.

When the pair reached the vehicle, DeCicco got into the passenger seat to search for the cards. Meanwhile, Bellino stood on the sidewalk.

While they were chatting, Genovese hitman Herbie Pate saw Bellino and mistook him for John Gotti, as the two men had the same build and similar hairstyles. Believing that he was about to take out the two leading figures of the Gambino family, he immediately detonated the C4 bomb.


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