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Vesuvio's from The Sopranos

Filming Location in Elizabeth, New Jersey

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Vesuvio's restaurant from The Sopranos

This is Vesuvio's restaurant from The Sopranos.

It is located at 91 Elizabeth Avenue in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Vesuvio's is owned by Tony's childhood friend, Artie Bucco.

In the pilot episode, Junior Soprano plans on carrying out a hit on the premises. However, Tony is opposed to this plan because it may ruin the reputation of Artie's restaurant and put him out of business.

Tony attempts to trick Artie into temporarily closing the restaurant by offering him free cruise tickets. However, Artie's wife, Charmaine, forces him to refuse the tickets on moral grounds.

As a last resort, Tony orders Silvio Dante to set the building on fire. In his mind, a fire is easier to recover from than a mob assassination.

Up until recently, this building was home to a Spanish and Mediterranean restaurant called Manolo's.

Unfortunately, it seems as though Manolo's closed down in 2018.

Judging by recent Google Street View images, the building is currently vacant.

Artie Bucco's restaurant address

The address and the GPS coordinates for this location are as follows:


91 Elizabeth Avenue, Elizabeth, New Jersey, NJ 07206, USA


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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for Vesuvio's are:

40.646383, -74.190645


The building is in a neighborhood called Elizabethport. It sits on the corner of Elizabeth Avenue and 1st Street.

Details about the general area

Elizabeth is a city in the northeast of New Jersey. It is relatively close to Newark, Staten Island, and New York City.


Photos of Vesuvio's and other related images.

Artie Bucco's Vesuvio

Episode 1, Season 1 - The Sopranos

Bucco's Vesuvio

Tony and his nephew, Christopher Moltisanti, pull up outside of Bucco's Vesuvio.

Tony argues with Uncle Junior

Tony uncle junior

In this scene, Tony attempts to persuade "Uncle June" to carry out the hit on "Little Pussy" Malanga somewhere else. He explains that Artie has managed to attract "nice, upscale people from the suburbs" and that a shooting will "ruin his life."

However, Junior and his crew refuse to budge. From their point of view, Vesuvio is one of the few places where Malanga feels safe.

"Somebody donated their kneecaps for those tickets."

Artie and Charmaine

Tony tries to trick Artie into closing his restaurant for a few weeks by offering him free tickets for a first-class cruise.

He hopes that by doing so, Junior will be forced to carry out the hit elsewhere.

Although Artie is keen on accepting the cruise tickets, his wife, Charmaine, is strongly against it. In her opinion, the tickets are blood money.

Consequently, Artie is forced to give them back.



As a last resort, Tony orders his right-hand man, Silvio Dante, to fire-bomb the restaurant.

Silvio does this in a way that makes it appear as though a faulty stove started the fire.



This Google Street View image was taken in November 2022. Sadly, it seems as though Manolo's closed its doors a number of years ago.

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