The Brookfield Boarding Kennels

Crime Scene Location in Brookfield, Connecticut

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The Brookfield Boarding Kennels

This is the former Brookfield Boarding Kennels.

It is located at 519 Federal Road in Brookfield, Connecticut.

The building became the scene of a notorious crime in February 1981 when Arne Cheyenne Johnson stabbed his landlord, Alan Bono, to death during a drunken altercation.

Johnson's story was later dramatized in the horror film The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (2021).

At first, it seemed like Bono's death was an open-and-shut case involving alcohol, flaring tempers, and a pocket knife. However, things took an interesting turn when Johnson's defense team argued that he wasn't responsible for the killing because he had been under the influence of a demonic spirit.

519 Federal Road
519 Federal Road in September 2019. These days, it is home to Marta's Vineyard Canine Resort. Johnson lived in the adjoining apartment building with his fiancée, Debbie Glatzel. Bono was their landlord. He was also Glatzel's boss.

The eyebrow-raising claim captivated people's imaginations and attracted worldwide media attention.

Adding to the intrigue was the involvement of renowned paranormal detectives Ed and Lorraine Warren, who had investigated the infamous Amityville Horror House haunting in 1976. The couple stated their belief that Johnson was host to a demon that had previously possessed his fiancée's younger brother, David Glatzel.

Glatzel's parents had contacted the Warrens for help a few months prior to the stabbing, as their son had been experiencing visions of a demonic entity. They also claimed that an invisible force was regularly attacking him.

David Glatzel and the Warrens
David Glatzel and the Warrens.

The Warrens concluded that multiple evil spirits were possessing David. Although they sought an official exorcism from the Catholic Church, the bishop of Brookfield refused to authorize one.

Consequently, several "informal" exorcisms were held instead.

Johnson, who was present during one of the exorcisms, reportedly took such pity on David that he impetuously called on the demons to possess him instead.

The Warrens were of the opinion that one of the entities inside the boy reacted to this by attacking Johnson and possessing him. Johnson's fiancée, Debbie Glatzel, agreed with the Warrens, saying that he began exhibiting odd behavior following the incident.

Johnson's "demonic defense" could not be tested in court, however, as the judge ruled that there was no scientific basis for allowing him to plead "not guilty by virtue of possession." During his ruling on the matter, he stated that unscientific testimony and evidence about demons had no place in a court of law.

As a result, Johnson's lawyers shifted their focus to self-defense.

Alan Bono
A photograph of Alan Bono. At the time of the killing, there were local rumors that he and Glatzel were having an affair.

The prosecution was successful in persuading the jury that the killing occurred during a drunken, jealously-fueled argument over Glatzel.

On November 24th, 1981, Arne Cheyenne Johnson was convicted of first-degree manslaughter in the death of Alan Bono. The following month, he was sentenced to 10–20 years in prison. In 1986, he was released early due to good behavior after serving nearly five years.

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519 Federal Road, Brookfield, Connecticut, CT 06804, USA


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It is roughly 0.5 miles north of the intersection between Federal Road and Junction Road.

Details about the general area

Brookfield is situated in Fairfield County, which is in the southwestern corner of Connecticut.


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Brookfield Boarding Kennels

Brookfield Boarding Kennels

Image source: Google Maps

Arne Cheyenne Johnson (top right) stabbed Alan Bono to death in the driveway of the Brookfield Boarding Kennels on February 16th, 1981.

Johnson and his fiancée, Debbie Glatzel, lived in an apartment that was attached to the kennels (the two-story building on the left).

That Monday, Johnson called his tree surgeon job and told them that he was taking a sick day for a sore throat. Afterwards, he dropped in to talk to Glatzel, who was grooming a black poodle. Also present were Johnson's younger sisters, Wanda (15) and Janice (13), and Glatzel's cousin, Mary (9).

At some point, their landlord and the manager of the kennels, Bono, showed up and invited everyone out to lunch.

The group went to a local bar called Mug 'N' Munch, where they had food and wine.

Later, they returned to the kennels. Bono became more boisterous as the afternoon wore on. When Johnson fixed his broken stereo, he began playing loud music and urging everyone to join him in his upstairs apartment.

Sources differ on the exact details of the fight. Some accounts claim that Bono grabbed nine-year-old Mary and that Johnson intervened. One newspaper article from 1981 said that Johnson and Bono had a disagreement over the cost of the stereo repair.

Those close to Johnson said that he only had one glass of wine. However, the prosecution presented evidence that both men had been drinking heavily that day. They also argued that the fight erupted due to jealousy, as Bono was reportedly interested in Johnson's fiancée.

Following the incident, Johnson wandered away from the kennels "in a trance." The police later found him two miles away. According to the arresting officer, the 19-year-old claimed that he needed help because he "had a drinking problem." After being brought to the police station, he became incoherent and passed out for 25–30 minutes.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

Ruairi O'Connor as Arne Cheyenne Johnson

Irish actor Ruairi O'Connor played Johnson in the film The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (2021).

The movie isn't completely accurate, as it omits the lunch and the fact that Johnson had been drinking that day. Instead, it portrays him as someone who does not want to drink with Bono.

In one scene, Lorraine Warren calls the police and warns them that a tragedy is about to unfold at the Brookfield Boarding Kennels. However, this did not happen in real life.

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