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Satriale's pork store from The Sopranos.

Filming Location in Kearny, New Jersey, United States.

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Satriale's pork store from The Sopranos.

This is the site where Satriale's pork store once stood.

Sadly, the building was demolished in October of 2007, just four months after the series finale was aired.

Satriale's is one of the most important filming locations in The Sopranos. During the show, it serves as a key meeting point for Tony and his crew.

In several episodes, members and associates of "the family" hang around outside of the pork store and socialize. A number of important "sitdown" meetings are also held out front.

The DiMeo crime family forcibly took control of the store during the 1970s when the original owner, Francis Satriale, failed to repay a gambling debt.

Because the building was torn down in 2007, it had to be recreated elsewhere for the 2021 film "The Many Saints of Newark".

Where is Satriale's pork store?

Below, you will find the address and the GPS coordinates for this location.

GPS Coordinates.

The GPS coordinates for Satriale's are as follows.

  • Latitude: 40.755749
  • Longitude: -74.155204


Open 40.755749, -74.155204 in Google Maps to view directions on how to get there.


The full address for this location is:

Kearny Avenue
New Jersey
NJ 07032
United States


The lot is situated close to the intersection between Kearny Avenue and Duke Street. It is a short walk away from West Hudson Park.

Details about the general area.

Kearny is a small suburb on the north side of Newark. It is close to East Orange and New Jersey City.


Photos of Satriale's and other related images.

Satriale's was demolished in October of 2007.


This Google Street View image is from 2012. As you can see, it is now an empty lot.

According to newspaper archives, Satriale's was demolished in October of 2007.

The building was owned by Manny Costeira, who leased it to HBO during filming. Originally, Costeira's plan was to knock it down and replace it with a condo containing nine units. However, it seems as though that project never materialized.

After Satriale's was demolished, Costeira made more than $25,000 by selling pieces of the stone facade to fans on the Internet.

Tony Soprano exiting the pork store.

Episode 3, Season 1 - Denial, Anger, Acceptance

Satriale's Sopranos

Tony exits the pork store to have a meeting with a Hasidic Jewish man who is having a financial "disagreement" with his son-in-law.

On the left, you can see Paulie Gualtieri and Silvio Dante.


Episode 6, Season 1 - Pax Soprano


Tony, Junior, Johnny Sack and Hesh Rabkin hold a sitdown outside of the meat market.

This meeting was called after Hesh expressed his concerns about Junior's excessive "tax" demands.

A car crashes outside of Satriale's.

Episode 11, Season 2 - House Arrest

Car crash

In this scene, a local kid called Carmine crashes into another car at the intersection between Kearny Avenue and Duke Street, which is directly in front of Satriale's.

When Tony realizes who the driver is, he tells Silvio Dante and Furio to remind Carmine that he shouldn't be speeding in the neighborhood.

"He drives too fast, he's always f**king hitting sh*t."

Episode 11, Season 2 - House Arrest

Agent Harris

Shortly after the crash, FBI Agent Harris shows up with his new partner, Joe Marquez. After a brief introduction and some small talk about the New Jersey Nets, the men turn their attention to the accident.

Meanwhile, Paulie Gualtieri sits there tanning his face with a sun reflector.

Patsy and Tony.

Episode 1, Season 3 - Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood

Patsy and Tony

Patsy and Tony embrace each other in the parking lot beside the pork store. During this scene, Patsy shows Tony the repairs that were made on Carmela's fur coat.

Tony has a flashback.

Episode 3, Season 3 - Fortunate Son

Tony flashback

In this scene, Tony has a flashback to the time when his father, Johnny Soprano, cut off Francis Satriale's pinky finger over a gambling debt.

Despite being told to wait in the car, Tony goes into the store and witnesses his father carrying out the brutal act with a meat cleaver.

According to Tony's psychiatrist, Dr. Melfi, his panic attacks may have originated from this event.

Paulie Gualtieri's last scene.

Episode 21, Season 6 - Made in America

Paulie Gualtieri Satriale's

During the show's finale, Paulie Gualtieri sits outside of the store by himself, cutting a lonely figure. This is his last ever scene in The Sopranos.

By this stage, Bobby and Christopher are both dead. Furthermore, Silvio is in a coma and Furio has gone back to Italy.

The emptiness and lack of activity is almost saddening, as it drives home the fact that a lot has changed since the beginning of the series.

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