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Phil Leotardo's house

Filming Location in Newark, New Jersey

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Phil Leotardo's house

This is Phil Leotardo's house from The Sopranos.

In the show, Phil lives in Brooklyn. However, in real life, the house is situated at 290 Grafton Avenue in Newark, New Jersey.

This location appears during an important scene in the episode "The Second Coming".

In Episode 19 of Season 6, relations between the New Jersey and New York families are at an all-time low, and it is looking increasingly likely that a war is on the horizon.

When Tony Soprano gives Lupertazzi soldier "Coco" Cogliano a severe beating for insulting his daughter, "Little" Carmine attempts to bring the situation under control by acting as a mediator between the two sides.

Initially, Phil agrees to have a "sit-down" meeting and listen to Tony's peace offering. However, when Tony and "Little" Carmine show up at the house, Butch DeConcini answers the door and informs them that Phil "is not accepting visitors right now."

As Tony and Carmine are walking away, Phil shouts at Tony from the top window and tells him to go back to New Jersey.

When Carmine questions Phil about his sudden change of mind, he is told that "cooler heads have prevailed."

This scene represents a major turning point in the series, as it becomes clear that the leadership of the Lupertazzi family is no longer interested in peace.

Phil Leotardo house address

The address and the GPS coordinates for this location are as follows:


290 Grafton Avenue, Newark, New Jersey, NJ 07104, USA


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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the house are:

40.778870, -74.170677


The house is situated in the Forest Hill neighborhood of Newark. It sits on the corner of Degraw Avenue and Grafton Avenue.


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Butch DeConcini

Episode 19, Season 6 - The Second Coming

Butch DeConcini

New York underboss Butch DeConcini answers the door and informs Carmine that Phil isn't taking any visitors.

Little Carmine

Little Carmine

Carmine is visibly confused by Butch's statement, as Phil had recently agreed to have a "sit-down" meeting with Tony.

When Carmine informs Butch that they have brought a trailer full of Makita drills as a "peace offering", Butch scoffs at him and says, "We don't want your f**king drills."

Phil Leotardo's house

Phil Leotardo's house

When Butch closes the front door, Tony and Carmine turn around and begin to walk down the steps outside of Phil's house.

However, it isn't long before they hear a familiar voice shouting expletives at them from above.

"Well, cooler heads have prevailed."

Tony and Carmine

Phil Leotardo shouts at the two men from the top window. After telling Tony to go back to New Jersey, he explains that the sit-down isn't happening because "cooler heads have prevailed."

This suggests that his underboss, Butch DeConcini, has talked him out of making a peace deal.

Although Carmine begs him to come down and discuss the situation, Phil makes it clear that there is "nothing left to discuss."

290 Grafton Avenue

290 Grafton Avenue

This Google Street View image of 290 Grafton Avenue was captured in October 2020.

The house was built in 1907. It has five bedrooms and is roughly 2,900 square feet in size.

It was last sold for roughly $400,000 in 2016.

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