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Holsten's diner from The Sopranos

Filming Location in Bloomfield, New Jersey

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Holsten's diner from The Sopranos: Filming Location

This is Holsten's diner from The Sopranos.

It is located at 1063 Broad Street in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

Although the restaurant only appears in one scene, it is probably the most significant (and controversial) scene in the entire show.

In the last scene of the series finale, Tony Soprano enters Holsten's and sits down at one of the booths. While he is sitting there, he selects the song "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey on the jukebox.

Shortly afterwards, Tony is joined by his wife and son.

As they are waiting for Meadow to arrive, we can see that an unknown man in a Member's Only jacket is sitting at the counter and repeatedly looking over at Tony.

This man then stands up and walks into the restrooms on Tony's right.

After a number of anxiety-inducing shots of Meadow struggling to parallel park, we see her walking across the street towards Holsten's.

However, just as she is entering the diner, Tony looks up, and everything goes black. The viewer is then forced to sit through a long period of darkness and silence before the credits finally appear.

The end of The Sopranos was extremely controversial. Many fans were so confused by the extended "nothingness" that they initially believed their television sets had died.

Although the most popular theory is that Tony was gunned down by the man in the Member's Jacket, the meaning behind the final scene remains one of the most hotly contested topics of debate about the show.

Holsten's diner address

The address and the GPS coordinates for this location are as follows:


1063 Broad Street, Bloomfield, New Jersey, NJ 07003, USA


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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the diner are:

40.828310, -74.186723


The parlor is close to the intersection between Watchung Avenue and Broad Street. It is within walking distance of Brookdale Park.


Photos of the diner and other related images.

Google Street View

Holsten's real life

Image source: Google Maps

This Google Street View image of Holsten's diner was taken in October 2020.

Although it advertises itself as an ice cream parlor, it also serves "regular" food such as burgers, sandwiches, onion rings, and french fries.

It was first opened as Strubbe's Ice Cream Parlor in 1939.

The booth that Tony sat in still exists, and a replica jukebox is present on the table. Journey's song "Don't Stop Believin'" is also played once every few hours.

Tony enters the diner

Episode 21, Season 6 - Made in America

Tony Soprano holsten's

In the final scene, Tony Soprano enters the diner and realizes that he is the first one there.


Episode 21, Season 6 - Made in America


This shot of Holsten's shows what the diner looks like from Tony's perspective.

The man in the Member's Only jacket

man in the members only jacket

The man in the Member's Only jacket enters the diner moments before A.J. Throughout the scene, we can see him looking over in Tony's direction.

The family waits for Meadow

holsten's booth

Tony, Carmela, and A.J. chat and look at the menu while they are waiting for Meadow to arrive.

Meadow is late because she had a doctor's appointment to switch her birth control medication.

Meadow arrives at Holsten's

Holsten's diner The Sopranos

Not long after, Meadow finally arrives in her Lexus IS250 and attempts to parallel park across the street from Holsten's. However, she hits the curb while she is reversing and is forced to try again.

This builds a lot of tension in the scene.



While Meadow is parking, the man in the Member's Only jacket heads towards the restroom.

Notably, the camera tracks his movements as he walks past Tony's booth.

Final scene

Final scene tony soprano

When Meadow enters the diner, Tony hears the doorbell and looks up.

At that point, the music abruptly stops, and the viewer has to sit through 10 seconds of complete darkness and silence.

The image above is the last time that we see Tony Soprano.

Holsten's in "The Many Saints of Newark" (2021)

Holsten's in The Many Saints of Newark

Holsten's also makes a brief appearance in the 2021 film "The Many Saints of Newark", which is a prequel to The Sopranos.

In this scene, a young Tony Soprano smokes outside the same diner where he would later meet his maker (allegedly).

Real life

real life

This is a recent photograph of the inside of the restaurant.

It was taken in 2019. As you can see, the football paintings at the back of the diner no longer exist.

You can see the entrance to the restrooms on the left.

In the show, the men's restroom is directly to the right of Tony. However, in real life, the men's and women's restrooms are the other way around.

This suggests that the creators switched them for the final scene.

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