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Livia Soprano's house.

Filming Location in Verona, New Jersey, United States.

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Livia Soprano's house - Filming Location.

This is the house where Tony's mother, Livia Soprano, lived in The Sopranos.

This filming location is situated at 55 Gould Street in Verona, New Jersey.

When a fire breaks out in the kitchen in Season 1, Tony decides to put his elderly mother in a retirement home and sell the house.

However, he eventually breaks off all contact with her after it emerges that she has been putting his life in danger by attempting to turn his uncle Junior against him.

In Season 2, Tony's sister Janice moves into the house to take care of their mother. She also manages to convince Tony to take the property off the market.

A few episodes later, Janice and her fiancé, Richie Aprile, get into a huge argument in the kitchen. During the bust-up, Richie decides to punch Janice in the mouth.

Shocked and incensed by this, Janice leaves the room and fetches a gun. She then returns to the kitchen and shoots Richie in the chest.

Later on in the series, Tony starts living here following his separation from Carmela.

Where is Tony's mother's house?

Below, you will find the address and the GPS coordinates for this location.

GPS coordinates.

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the house are:

40.835140, -74.245215


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The full address for this location is:

55 Gould Street
New Jersey
NJ 07044
United States


The property is at the end of Gould Street, near Personette Avenue.

Details about the general area.

Verona is a small township that sits between Caldwell and Montclair in New Jersey. It is roughly 10 miles northwest of Newark.


  • The house is 1,135 square feet in size and was built in 1926.
  • In S01E11, Tony informs his mother that someone has agreed to buy the property. However, due to their turbulent relationship, it is possible that he was lying. It is also plausible that the deal fell through.


Photos of the house and other related images.

Tony arrives at his mother's house with a CD player.

Episode 1, Season 1 - The Sopranos

Tony's mother's house

In the very first episode, Tony arrives at his mother's house and attempts to give her a CD player. He tells her that she can use it to listen to all of her old favorites.

However, Livia waves the CD player away and claims that she doesn't want it.


Episode 2, Season 1 - 46 Long

Livia Soprano

During the second episode, a pan fire breaks out in Livia's kitchen while she is talking to Tony on the phone.

At that point, Tony decides that his mother is too old to be living by herself.

The house.

Episode 1, Season 2 - Guy Walks into a Psychiatrist's Office...

Livia's home

This image of the property is from Season 2.

During this scene, the realtor informs Tony that a group of high school kids broke into the house and caused water damage by leaving a sink on.

Meadow's party.

Episode 3, Season 2 - Toodle-F**king-Oo


In the episode "Toodle-F**king-Oo", Tony's teenage daughter Meadow holds a party at the property. However, the party eventually gets out of hand when one kid overdoses.

When Tony turns up at the scene, he sees a police car and an ambulance parked outside.

Tony learns that his sister is dating Richie Aprile.

Episode 5, Season 2 - Big Girls Don't Cry

Richie Aprile

In the episode "Big Girls Don't Cry", Tony Soprano discovers that his sister Janice is attempting to take out a loan on their mother's house. Enraged, he immediately drives over and bangs on the front door.

However, he is shocked when Richie Aprile answers it in his underwear.

Tony Blundetto.

Episode 9, Season 5 - Unidentified Black Males

Tony Blundetto

Tony and his cousin Tony Blundetto sit in the yard drinking beers and watching a baseball game.

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