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Johnny Sack's house from The Sopranos

Filming Location in Caldwell, New Jersey

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Johnny Sack's house from The Sopranos

This is Johnny Sack's house from The Sopranos.

It is located at 31 Fox Run in Caldwell, New Jersey.

The New York underboss moves to Caldwell at the beginning of Season 3.

While John Sacrimoni and his wife Ginny are settling into their new home in New Jersey, Tony Soprano arrives with a housewarming gift.

31 Fox Run
31 Fox Run in May 2023.

Although the pair start out with some small talk, it isn't long before Tony expresses his annoyance at the fact that he wasn't informed about the move beforehand.

Tony is clearly anxious about Sacrimoni's sudden relocation.

In his mind, it may be an attempt by the Lupertazzi family to exert more influence over North Jersey.

John tries to allay Tony's suspicions by claiming that he only bought the house so that they could live closer to Ginny's sisters. He also makes it clear that he has no intention of "sticking his beak in."

In the episode "Moe n' Joe" in Season 6, Tony purchases Johnny Sack's house as a gift for his sister Janice.

Tony makes the offer while John is in prison and facing financial difficulties. Consequently, he is able to take advantage of his desperation and buy the property at a discount.

Johnny Sack's house address

The address and the GPS coordinates for this location are as follows:


31 Fox Run, Caldwell, New Jersey, NJ 07006, USA


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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the house are:

40.850139, -74.255256


Fox Run is accessible via Mountain Avenue in Caldwell.

Details about the general area

Caldwell is a small borough in New Jersey. It is roughly 12 miles northwest of Newark.


Photos of the house and other related images.

Tony visits John Sacrimoni's house

Episode 4, Season 3 - Employee of the Month

John Sacrimoni's house in The Sopranos

Image source: The Sopranos

Tony arrives at Sacrimoni's new home with a housewarming gift.

"This is strictly a place for me to live."

Episode 4, Season 3 - Employee of the Month

Johnny Sack

John attempts to ease Tony's concerns by telling him that he only moved to Jersey for personal reasons.

However, you can tell by Tony's facial expressions that he isn't buying it.

Money issues

Episode 13, Season 4 - Whitecaps

Johnny Sack and Ginny

When Ginny presses John about their finances, he explains that he is currently losing a lot of money due to the Esplanade project being shut down.

The FBI arrests John

Episode 13, Season 5 - All Due Respect


Armed FBI agents suddenly arrive while Tony and Sacrimoni are talking outside the house.

The agents are there to arrest John on RICO charges. However, Tony doesn't know this. Consequently, he turns around and runs away.

This raid comes immediately after Lupertazzi consigliere Jimmy Petrille decides to flip.

Tony runs away

Episode 13, Season 4 - All Due Respect

Tony Soprano running

When Tony sees the FBI coming towards them, he immediately turns around and runs. He throws his gun into the snow as he is making his way through a field on the eastern side of the house.

Although he didn't realize it at the time, there was no warrant out for his arrest. The agents were only there to apprehend Johnny Sack.

Dante Greco stands guard

Episode 21, Season 6 - Made in America

Dante Greco

DiMeo crime family associate Dante Greco stands guard outside the property while Tony talks to his sister Janet.

At the time, Janet was mourning the death of her husband, Bobby Baccalieri.

Tony reminisces

Episode 21, Season 6 - Made in America

Tony Soprano

"Five or six years ago, when Johnny Sack bought this house, this was all cornfields here."

31 Fox Run

31 Fox Run, Caldwell

This Google Street View image of 31 Fox Run was taken in August 2019.

The house has four bedrooms and is 4,640 square feet in size.

It was built in 1997. In 2022, property website Zillow estimated that the house was worth $1.4 million.

The property was last sold in May 2017 for $1.3 million.

Tony's escape from the FBI

Tony's escape

This aerial photograph shows the route that Tony Soprano took while escaping from the FBI.

The red dot highlights the area where Tony and Johnny Sack were talking.

When Tony sees the FBI unit in the bottom left-hand corner, he immediately turns around and runs away. Johnny Sack, on the other hand, isn't as quick to react.

Tony manages to run through the field at the top of the image before agents arrive at the front of the house. However, John isn't as lucky.

Although the raid was not aimed at Tony, it is likely that he would have been detained and searched. We know this because the gardener is thrown to the ground and handcuffed.

Tony was carrying an illegal gun with hollow-point ammunition at the time. If the FBI had arrested him, he may have ended up facing serious felony charges.

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