The location where 50 Cent was shot

Crime Scene Location in Queens, New York, United States

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50 Cent - Shooting location

This is the location where 50 Cent was shot.

The shooting occurred outside of his grandmother's former home, which is situated at 140–52 161st Street in Jamaica, New York.

The incident took place on May 24th, 2000—roughly three years before his debut studio album, "Get Rich or Die Tryin'", propelled him to fame.

The rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, was ambushed and shot nine times with a 9mm handgun as he was entering a friend's car.

Although Jackson was struck in the face and chest at close range, he managed to survive the attack. After spending nearly two weeks in the hospital, he moved to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, where he spent the next five months recovering from his injuries.

The gunman who allegedly shot 50 Cent was a gang associate named Darryl Baum.

Baum was a childhood friend of Mike Tyson. In the past, he had worked as a bodyguard for the boxer. According to the FBI, he was also heavily involved in the drug business.

It is believed that the hit was ordered by Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff, whom Jackson had recently mentioned in one of his songs.

McGriff was a drug lord who had close ties to a record label called Murder Inc. At the time, he was reportedly using the label to launder his money.

Two months before the shooting, 50 Cent got into an altercation with several associates of Murder Inc.

All of this eventually culminated in money being put on his head.

Darryl Baum was the gunman who allegedly tried to carry out this contract.

Roughly two weeks after the failed attempt on Jackson's life, Baum himself was murdered in an unrelated gang shooting in Brooklyn.

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Where was 50 Cent shot?

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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the street are:

40.668775, -73.774457


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The full address for this location is:

140-52 161st Street
New York
NY 11434
United States


The street where 50 Cent was shot is situated in the South Jamaica neighborhood of Queens, New York. It is roughly 120 yards north of where Belt Parkway meets Guy R. Brewer Boulevard.

Details about the general area

South Jamaica is situated close to John F. Kennedy International Airport.


Photos of the street and other related images.

50 Cent's grandmother's house

50 Cent childhood home

50 Cent's grandmother's house was situated at 140–52 161st Street in South Jamaica, Queens.

This was the rapper's childhood home. He started living here with his grandparents at the age of 8 after his mother, Sabrina, died in a fire.

Sabrina was a drug dealer who gave birth to Jackson when she was just 15 years old.

Following her death, it did not take long for him to follow in her footsteps.

In 1994, the 18-year-old was charged with felony drug charges after the police raided this address and discovered heroin and crack cocaine.

When threatened with a maximum prison sentence of nine years, Jackson agreed to serve six months in a correctional boot camp in upstate New York.

161st Street

161st Street

This Google Street View image of 161st Street was taken in 2020. The red arrow is pointing to Jackson's grandmother's former house.

The shooting took place at around 12 p.m. on May 24th, 2000, shortly after the rapper had jumped into the passenger seat of his friend's car.

Following the attack, his friend (who also suffered a bullet wound to his hand) drove them both to the hospital.

Darryl Baum and Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff

Kenneth Supreme McGriff

In early 2000, 50 Cent created a song called "Ghetto Quran", which mentioned Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff's criminal activities:

"Yo, when you hear talk of the Southside, you hear talk of the team.

See n****s feared Prince and respected Preme."

This line was in reference to the "Supreme Team"—a drug organization that was formed by McGriff during the 1980s.

When the lyrics were leaked, Supreme responded by putting a hit out on 50 Cent's head.

Darryl Baum, who was nicknamed "Hommo" for "homocide", was the gunman who allegedly attempted to "cash in" on the contract.

Baum was a close friend of boxer Mike Tyson, as the pair had grown up together.

On June 10th, 2000, Hommo was shot dead in retaliation for the killing of Myron Hardy, who was a co-founder of the Cash Money Brothers (CMB) gang in Lafayette Gardens.

At the time of his death, Baum was a member of a drug organization called "the Peanuts Gang", which was named after its leader, Ivory "Peanut" Davis.

The leadership of the CMB believed that "the Peanuts" were responsible for Hardy's murder.

As a result, they ordered the deaths of Davis, Baum, and one of their associates.

It is believed that a ruthless CMB enforcer named Aaron Granton (aka E-Bay) essentially wiped out "the Peanuts" by murdering all three of them.

In 2003, 50 Cent referenced Baum in his song "Many Men (Wish Death)":

"In the Bible, it says what goes around, comes around. Hommo shot me, three weeks later he got shot down."

Notably, he did not claim to have any involvement in the murder.

50 Cent revisited the site where he was shot


In 2012, 50 Cent revisited the site where he was shot and pointed out the exact location where his friend's car was parked.



The shooting took place beside this black fire hydrant, which is just one door up from his grandmother's house.

Shrapnel from one of the bullets hit Jackson in the tongue. This injury left him with a distinctively slurred voice.

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