The cemetery from Hocus Pocus.

Filming Location in Marblehead, Massachusetts, United States.

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The cemetery from Hocus Pocus - Filming Location.

This is the filming location of the cemetery from the Halloween comedy movie Hocus Pocus (1993).

In real life, it is called "Old Burial Hill."

It is situated on Pond Street, which is in the northeast of Marblehead, Massachusetts.

Although this location only appears once, most fans will agree that it is probably one of the most memorable scenes in the movie.

While Max is cycling home from school, he decides to take a shortcut through the local cemetery.

As he is weaving through the headstones, two stereotypical 90s bullies jump up from behind a grave and shout "Halt! Who are you?!"

When Max tells them his name and explains that he is from Los Angeles, they begin to respond sarcastically with surfer slang words such as "Dude!" and "Tubular!"

At that point, one of the bullies tells Max that their names are Jay and Ernie.

However, this doesn't sit well with Ernie, who has repeatedly told his friend that he wants to be known as "Ice".

Ernie is so eager for his new nickname to catch on that he went through the trouble of getting the word "ICE" shaved into the back of his head.

After discovering that Max doesn't have any cash or cigarettes, the bullies look down at his feet and notice that he is wearing a brand new pair of Nike cross trainers.

While they are eyeing up the sneakers, Ernie moves in close and says, "Let me try them on."

Max, who is clearly shocked by this request, attempts to move past the pair and cycle off. However, he is quickly stopped by Jay, who grabs him by the shoulder and flashes a menacing smile.

In the scene that follows, we can see Max cycling away in his socks while the bullies shout "Later, dude!" and "See ya, Hollywood!"

Where is the cemetery from Hocus Pocus?

Below, you will find the address and the GPS coordinates for this location.

GPS Coordinates.

The GPS coordinates for the cemetery are as follows.

  • Latitude: 42.510593
  • Longitude: -70.846151


Open 42.510593, -70.846151 in Google Maps to view directions on how to get there.


The full address for this location is:

Old Burial Hill Cemetery
Pond Street
MA 01945
United States


The cemetery is situated in the northeast of Marblehead, near the harbor. The main entrance is on Orne Street/Pond Street.


Photos of the cemetery and other related images.

The location where the scene was filmed.

cemetery scene hocus pocus location

This aerial image pinpoints the exact location where the "bullies scene" from Hocus Pocus was filmed.

To get there, simply follow the main path from Pond Street until you reach the rocky outcrop at the top of the hill.

Coordinates: 42.510596, -70.846177

Google Maps link.

"I'm Max. I just moved here."

Max Dennison

Max tells the two bullies that he recently moved from Los Angeles to Salem.

However, they don't seem to know where Los Angeles is until he says, "LA."



When Jay and "Ice" find out that Max is from Los Angeles, they begin to mock him by using words such as "Tubular," which is surfer slang for "cool."

"My name ain't Ernie no more. It's Ice."


After being scolded by Ernie, Jay reintroduces him as "Ice". He then points to the back of Ernie's head, which has the word "ICE" shaved into it.

"Maybe you could learn to breath through your nose."

learn to breath through your nose

When Max tells them that he doesn't have any cash, Ernie begins to reprimand him:

"Gee. We don't get any smokes from you. We don't get any cash. What am I supposed to do with my afternoon?"

In response, Max says:

"Maybe you could learn to breath through your nose."

When Jay hears this insult, he bursts into laughter. However, he quickly puts on a straight face when he notices that Ernie is glaring over at him.

"Woah. Check out the new cross trainers."

jay hocus pocus

Shortly afterwards, Jay notices that Max is wearing a brand new pair of Nike cross trainers.

Max cycles home in his socks.


After being forced to hand over his sneakers, Max cycles home in his socks.

However, before he leaves the cemetery, he stops for a few seconds to curse his luck and contemplate life.

In the distance, you can see the clock tower of Abbot Hall, which is situated in Washington Square, Marblehead.

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