The house that Anne Heche crashed into.

Place of Interest in Los Angeles, California, United States.

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Anne Heche - Crash site location.

This is the house that actress Anne Heche crashed into.

It is situated at 1766 Walgrove Avenue in the Mar Vista neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Heche is best known for starring in Hollywood movies such as Donnie Brasco (1997), I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) and Six Days, Seven Nights (1998). She also portrayed Vicky Hudson and Marley Love on NBC's soap opera "Another World."

On August 5, 2022, a doorbell camera captured Heche speeding eastward along Preston Way. Seconds later, her blue Mini-Cooper crashed through the living room wall of this house on Walgrove Avenue.

Although the actress survived the initial impact, she suffered smoke inhalation, severe burns, a fractured sternum, and a serious brain injury that was caused by a lack of oxygen.

Video footage from an overhead news helicopter showed Heche struggling with the paramedics as they attempted to wheel her into the ambulance. It is possible that this reaction was caused by a combination of shock, alcohol, and her brain injury. She may have also been in a great deal of pain.

Shortly afterwards, she reportedly lost consciousness.

On August 11th, her family announced that she was in a coma and that she wasn't expected to survive her injuries.

Later that day, the 53-year-old was legally declared dead. However, her body was kept on life support so that the medical team could assess whether or not her organs could be donated.

On August 14th, it was announced that doctors had performed the donation procedure and that Heche's body had been taken off life support.

The house on Walgrove Avenue was left structurally compromised following the fatal crash. The homeowner also lost many of her personal possessions in the ensuing fire.

Shortly before the incident, Heche had collided with a garage wall near Lake Street. Judging by photographs of the incident, there was a bottle of liquor in her cupholder.

Although bystanders asked her to get out of the car, she refused, and drove off again.

At that point, she raced along Preston Way at a high speed before crashing through the house at Walgrove Avenue.

Anne Heche crash site location.

Below, you will find the address and the GPS coordinates for this location.

GPS Coordinates.

The GPS coordinates for the house are as follows.

  • Latitude: 34.004428
  • Longitude: -118.451645


Open 34.004428, -118.451645 in Google Maps to view directions on how to get there.


The full address for this location is:

1766 Walgrove Avenue
Los Angeles
CA 90066
United States


The house is situated in Mar Vista, which is in the west of Los Angeles. It is relatively close to the Santa Monica Pier and Santa Monica Airport.


Photos of the house and other related images.

1766 Walgrove Avenue.

1766 Walgrove Avenue

This Google Street View image of 1766 Walgrove Avenue was taken in February of 2022.

The house was built in 1952 and it is 738 sq ft in size.

Property website Zillow estimates that the house is worth more than $1 million. This is most likely due to its prominent location.



Anne Heche's first collision occurred at the back of 1130 Lake Street, when she struck the corner of a garage.

Although bystanders surrounded her Mini-Cooper and asked her to get out of the vehicle, she refused and decided to drive off.

At that point, she turned left, right, and then left again onto Preston Way.

Shortly before the final crash, a doorbell camera captured her speeding along Preston Way.

First crash.

First crash

The first crash occurred at the corner of this garage building off Lake Street.

Photos of the incident show that the troubled actress looked disheveled and that there appeared to be a small bottle of alcohol in her cupholder.

After ignoring pleas from bystanders to get out of the vehicle, she reversed and then drove off in the direction of the blue arrow.

Coordinates: 34.003563, -118.458890

Google Maps link.


Anne Heche Route

After driving away from the first crash, Heche made her way through this residential garage area and took a left.

She then pulled out onto Penmar Avenue before taking another left onto Preston Way.



After speeding along Preston Way, Heche drove straight into the house at 1766 Walgrove Avenue.

Google Street View.

Google Street View

This Google Street View image shows what it would have looked like from her perspective.

Ring doorbell.

Ring doorbell.

Her vehicle was captured by a Ring doorbell on Preston Way. Judging by the footage, she was driving at a very high speed.

It took the actress four seconds to drive between the doorbell camera and the house that she crashed into. According to Google Maps, the distance between these two points is 150 meters.

This means that she was driving at around 80 miles per hour (129 km per hour).

Cabrillo Avenue.

Cabrillo Avenue

At around 10.45 a.m., Heche was recorded driving along this section of Cabrillo Avenue. According to the person who recorded the video, the actress was speeding and circling back and forth.

This spot is 1.3 miles southwest of the garage that she crashed into on Lake Street. It takes roughly 6 miles to drive between the two locations.

A special thanks to Stephan Krueger (@stubbenkammer on Twitter) for locating where this footage was captured.

Coordinates: 33.990506, -118.468386

Google Maps link.

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