Ron Goldman's apartment

Place of Interest in Los Angeles, California

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Ron Goldman's apartment

This is Ron Goldman's former apartment.

It is located at 11663 Gorham Avenue in Los Angeles, California.

Goldman was a waiter at a nearby restaurant called Mezzaluna. In May 1994, he became friends with Nicole Brown Simpson, who was the ex-wife of former NLF player O.J. Simpson.

According to their friends and family, the pair were not romantically involved.

Goldman liked spending time with Brown because he enjoyed the attention that he received when he was in her company. She also allowed him to drive her white Ferrari from time to time.

11663 Gorham Avenue
11663 Gorham Avenue in October 2023. Credit: Google Maps.

Brown and her family dined at Mezzaluna on June 12th, 1994. Although Goldman was working that evening, he was not serving their table.

Later that night, Goldman learned that Brown's mother, Juditha, had accidentally dropped her glasses at the restaurant. Because Brown lived just down the street from Mezzaluna, he agreed to bring them to her condo after he had finished his shift.

Goldman left the restaurant at approximately 9.45 p.m. and stopped by his apartment on Gorham Avenue to take a shower and change out of his work clothes. That night, he had plans to go out with Stewart Tanner, who was the bartender at Mezzaluna. According to Tanner, they had talked about visiting a restaurant and bar in Marina Del Rey.

After freshening up, Goldman left his apartment and walked to Brown's home on South Bundy Drive.

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The police believe that he arrived at Brown's condo moments after her ex-husband, O.J. Simpson, had stabbed her to death during a heated argument. When Goldman unexpectedly happened upon the scene, Simpson decided that he needed to kill him as well.

A neighbor discovered Brown and Goldman's bodies in the front walkway shortly after midnight. They had both been stabbed multiple times.

Simpson was later charged with the double murder. However, he was controversially acquitted of the crime in October 1995.

A subsequent civil trial found him liable for both deaths.

Ron Goldman's apartment address

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11663 Gorham Avenue, Los Angeles, California, CA 90049, USA


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GPS coordinates

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34.054811, -118.465361


It is roughly 600 feet northeast of the intersection between San Vicente Boulevard and Gorham Avenue.

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