Mezzaluna restaurant: Where Nicole Brown Simpson had her last meal

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Nicole Brown Simpson: Mezzaluna restaurant

This is the restaurant where Nicole Brown Simpson had her last meal.

It is located at 11750 San Vicente Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.

In 1994, this building was the home of an Italian restaurant called Mezzaluna. These days, the unit belongs to a company that sells window blinds and curtains.

On the evening of June 12th, 1994, Brown's daughter, Sydney, performed in a dance recital at Paul Revere Middle School.

In attendance that night were Brown, her estranged husband, O.J. Simpson, her parents, and other family members.

Following the recital, the family went to the Mezzaluna restaurant in Brentwood to celebrate.

Mezzaluna restaurant
A "then and now" image of the building.

Simpson was not invited to the meal, as he and Brown had been estranged for more than two years. Furthermore, they were not on friendly terms, as Simpson had reportedly been stalking her and engaging in threatening behavior.

On the night of the meal, Brown's friend, Ron Goldman, was working as a waiter at Mezzaluna.

Brown and Goldman had recently started spending time with each other. It is believed that their relationship was strictly platonic, as multiple sources have said that they were not romantically involved.

When the family finished eating at Mezzaluna, they visited a local ice cream parlor before going their separate ways.

Brown's mother, Juditha, was driving home when she realized that she had misplaced her glasses.

Later, Juditha would recall how she felt a wave of depression wash over her when she noticed that they were missing. At the time, she didn't understand why she felt so strongly about them, as she could easily just buy another pair.

At exactly 9.37 p.m., Juditha called the restaurant and was relieved to hear that one of the waiters had found her glasses.

When Goldman heard that the glasses belonged to Judith, he volunteered to drive them to Brown's house after he finished his shift. Not only did he know the address, but it was also just a couple of blocks away.

He had no idea that such a small act of kindness was about to cost him his life.

At around midnight, Simpson and Goldman's bodies were discovered at her condominium on South Bundy Drive.

An unidentified assailant had stabbed the pair multiple times.

Although Brown's estranged husband, O.J. Simpson, went on trial for the double murder, he was eventually found not guilty on October 3rd, 1995.

Mezzaluna closed its doors in June 1997. The owner later explained that business had suffered due to the publicity surrounding the killings and the trial that followed.

Mezzaluna restaurant in Brentwood

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11750 San Vicente Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, CA 90049, USA


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34.053047, -118.467500


Mezzaluna restaurant was situated on the corner of San Vicente Boulevard and Gorham Avenue in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. It is less than 200 yards west of the intersection between South Barrington Avenue and San Vicente Boulevard.

Details about the general area

Brentwood is an upscale neighborhood in the Westside region of Los Angeles.


Photos of the restaurant and other related images.

11750 San Vicente Boulevard

11750 San Vicente Boulevard

This Google Street View image of 11750 San Vicente Boulevard was captured in February 2021.

Mezzaluna closed in 1997, which was three years after Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered.

These days, the unit is occupied by a company called The Shade Store, which sells curtains and window blinds.

Peet's coffee

Peet's coffee

Up until 2017, it was the home of Peet's coffee.

Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman

Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman

Although Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman had grown close in the weeks leading up to their deaths, friends and family were adamant that their relationship had remained platonic.

Goldman, who was 10 years younger than Brown, reportedly enjoyed the attention that he got while he was around her.

His close friends stated that they would have immediately heard about it if the pair had become romantically involved.

Whenever Brown and Goldman went on outings together, they were often joined by others.

Goldman worked as a waiter at Mezzaluna, an establishment that both Brown and her estranged husband, O.J. Simpson, had frequented over the years.

A few weeks after Simpson was acquitted of murder, the general manager of Mezzaluna sparked controversy by claiming that she would serve him if he entered the restaurant.

Shortly afterwards, two women hung dozens of "Guilty" signs on trees by the intersection.



Brown's condo was just 0.5 miles west of the restaurant.

As you can see, they are just down the street from one another.

Due to the short distance involved, Goldman volunteered to drop off Judith's glasses after he had finished his shift.

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