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Nicole Brown Simpson's house

Crime Scene Location in Los Angeles, California

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Nicole Brown Simpson's house

This is the house where Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered.

It is located at 879 South Bundy Drive in Los Angeles, California.

Brown and Goldman were stabbed to death inside the front walkway of this condo on the night of Sunday, June 12th, 1994.

Brown's ex-husband and former NFL star, O.J. Simpson (top-left), was charged with the crime a few days later. However, he was eventually acquitted of the murders on October 3rd, 1995, following a highly publicized trial.

Although Simpson was found not guilty at his criminal trial, a civil trial found him liable for both deaths.

Bloody shoe prints found at the crime scene belonged to a rare and expensive pair of size 12 Bruno Magli shoes. Simpson denied ever owning such a pair, calling them "ugly." During the civil trial, lawyers for the victims' families produced more than 30 photographs of him wearing Bruno Magli shoes in the years prior to the murders. They also provided evidence that Simpson had been physically abusive to Brown numerous times in the past.

Simspon's condo
The double-murder occurred at the front entrance on South Bundy Drive. Credit: Google Maps.

On the evening of the murders, Brown and Simpson attended their daughter's dance recital. Afterwards, Brown and her family went to a local restaurant called Mezzaluna to celebrate.

Simpson was not invited to the meal, as he had been stalking and harassing Brown ever since their divorce.

The entrance to the original walkway no longer exists. We added color-coded dots to highlight and compare various points of interest.

Following dinner, Brown's mother, Juditha, realized that she had left her glasses behind at the restaurant. When she called Mezzaluna, a waiter named Ron Goldman agreed to drive them to her daughter's condo on South Bundy Drive when he finished his shift.

Ron Goldman
Ron Goldman (25) was a waiter at Mezzaluna. He met Nicole Brown (35) after a mutual friend introduced them at Starbucks. In the weeks before their deaths, the pair had struck up a friendship and started spending time together. Although they did grow somewhat close, both of their friend groups have stated that they were not romantically involved.

Goldman volunteered to bring Juditha's glasses to Brown's condo because it was just a ten-minute walk away from the restaurant.

Brown's house was 0.5 miles west of Mezzaluna. It takes ten minutes to travel between these two locations on foot.

The exact details of what happened that night remain unclear.

The prosecution argued that Simpson drove to the residence hoping to reconcile with Brown and that he stabbed her in a fit of anger after she rejected his advances. When Goldman happened upon the scene, Simpson killed him as well to prevent him from speaking out.

An alternative theory is that Brown and Goldman were talking at the entrance when Simspon ambushed them from behind with a knife.

Nicole Brown Simpson crime scene
Brown and Goldman were attacked near the bottom of a set of tiled steps by the front entrance. Bloody shoe prints, Juditha's glasses, and a bloodstained glove were found at the crime scene. The murder weapon was never recovered.

When the police informed Simpson that his wife had been killed, he did not ask how, where, or by whom. He also failed to express any concern about his children's wellbeing.

He was formally charged with the murders on June 17th, 1994, after investigators discovered a blood-stained right-hand glove at his home. The glove in question proved to be a match with the left-hand glove that was found beside Goldman's body.

Normally, the police will arrive at a murder suspect's house and immediately take them into custody. However, following discussions with Simpson's lawyer, the LAPD allowed him to voluntarily turn himself in later that day.

Instead of surrendering himself before the stipulated deadline, Simpson wrote an apparent suicide note and led the police on a low-speed 45-minute car chase across Los Angeles.

OJ Simpson Bronco chase
Television stations interrupted their regular viewing to broadcast live footage of O.J. Simpson's Bronco chase. He was eventually taken into custody after he drove back to his home in Brentwood and surrendered himself to the authorities.

The DNA evidence against Simpson was extremely strong. Drops of his blood were collected from the crime scene, and blood from both of the victims was found inside his vehicle.

Despite this, his defense team was able to persuade the jury that the LAPD had either contaminated or planted the evidence.

Most people in the mid-1990s weren't familiar with the accuracy of DNA, as it was still a relatively new science. Popular TV shows such as Forensic Files and CSI hadn't made their debut yet. As a result, the prosecution struggled to explain the significance of the DNA evidence in terms that the jurors could fully understand. One juror later admitted that the DNA evidence didn't even factor into her decision.

The defense capitalized on the LAPD's sloppy crime scene work and its reputation for racism, police brutality, and corruption.

This strategy worked, as the majority-Black jury found it difficult to convict Simpson beyond a reasonable doubt.

Although Simpson vowed to "find the real killer" after his acquittal, he never made any attempt to do so.

To this day, no other viable suspect has been identified in the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

Nicole Brown Simpson's house address

The address and the GPS coordinates for this location are as follows:


879 S Bundy Drive, Los Angeles, California, CA 90049, USA


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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the house are:

34.048563, -118.471469


The house is situated approximately 60 feet northwest of the intersection between South Bundy Drive and Dorothy Street.

Details about the general area

Brentwood is an upscale neighborhood in the Westside region of Los Angeles.


Photos of the house and other related images.

Nicole Brown Simpson's condo

Nicole Brown Simpson's condo

The front of the condo is obscured by palm trees and other foliage. Following the murders, the house was renumbered from 850 to 879.

The property was built in 1991. It has four bedrooms and is approximately 3,400 square feet in size.

In February 2024, Zillow estimated that it was worth $2.6 million.

879 S Bundy Drive

879 S Bundy Drive

Image source: Google Maps

The back of 879 South Bundy Drive faces an alley. One theory is that the killer entered via the garage door.

The condo became a morbid tourist attraction

Brentwood condo

Brentwood was swarmed with "curiosity seekers" following the murders.

One neighbor said that it had become like Disneyland.

The constant flow of morbid tourists through the neighborhood became such an annoyance for residents that they erected signs and discussed barricading the street.

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