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The location where the mafia held its historic Apalachin meeting

Mafia Location in Apalachin, New York

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The location where Luzerne County Jane Doe was found

Roughly 90 miles away.

Body Location in Black Creek Township, Pennsylvania

In August 1973, a motorist discovered the body of a woman at this site beside the I-80 in Black Creek Township, Pennsylvania.

The victim, who had been doused in sulfuric acid, remains unidentified.

Arthur Shawcross' apartment

Roughly 131 miles away.

Serial Killer House in Rochester, New York

This is the apartment building where the "Genesee River Killer," Arthur Shawcross, lived between 1987 and 1990.

Shawcross murdered at least 12 women while he was staying at this address.

The house where William Spengler killed two firefighters

Roughly 134 miles away.

Crime Location in Webster, New York

In December 2012, former convict William Spengler set fire to his house at 191 Lake Road in Webster, New York.

When firefighters arrived at the scene, he ambushed them with a rifle and killed two men.

The site where Arthur Shawcross dumped the body of June Cicero

Roughly 146 miles away.

Crime Location in Ogden, New York

This is the location where serial killer Arthur Shawcross dumped the body of June Cicero.

It is also the site where a police helicopter spotted his vehicle and captured his license plate.

Kendall Francois' house

Roughly 148 miles away.

Serial Killer House in Arlington, New York

Serial killer Kendall Francois lived at this house on Fulton Avenue in Poughkeepsie, New York, until his arrest in September 1998.

Following his arrest, his victims' remains were found in the attic and basement.

The gas station where Phil Leotardo was killed

Roughly 151 miles away.

Filming Location in Morris Plains, New Jersey

In HBO's crime drama The Sopranos, Lupertazzi boss Phil Leotardo is shot dead at this gas station in Morris Plains, New Jersey.


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