The location where Ted Bundy stole a Cadillac

Place of Interest in Aspen, Colorado

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The location where Ted Bundy stole a Cadillac

In the early hours of June 13th, 1977, serial killer Ted Bundy stole a 1966 blue Cadillac from 805 Bonita Drive in Aspen, Colorado.

At the time, Bundy was a wanted criminal, as he had escaped from Pitkin County Courthouse just a few days prior.

After jumping from a courthouse window and injuring his ankle, he hobbled into the hills southwest of Aspen, where he got lost and wandered around.

To survive, Bundy broke into a mountain cabin to steal food and other items.

His original plan was to continue heading south. However, he lost his sense of direction and walked back towards Aspen by mistake.

By the time he reached this residential neighborhood beside the Aspen Golf Club, he was tired, hungry, and in severe pain. He had also lost 15 pounds.

In a last-ditch effort to get away, he stole an unlocked vehicle outside this house.

Shortly afterwards, Pitkin County sheriff deputies Gene Flatt and Maureen Higgins noticed the Cadillac driving erratically on Highway 82.

Bundy, who was exhausted and covered in scratches, pulled over and did not resist arrest.

805 Bonita Drive

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805 Bonita Drive, Aspen, Colorado, CO 81611, USA


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GPS coordinates

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39.201287, -106.838322

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