Nick Hogan's crash site

Crash Site Location in Clearwater, Florida

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Nick Hogan's crash site

This is the location where Nick Hogan crashed his yellow Toyota Supra.

It is situated a quarter of a mile east of the intersection between Court Street and South Missouri Avenue in Clearwater, Florida.

Hogan, whose real name is Nicholas Bollea, is the son of retired WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan. He is best known for starring in the reality TV series Hogan Knows Best between 2005 and 2007.

On the evening of Sunday, August 26th, 2007, Hogan (17) and his passenger, John Graziano (22), were driving eastbound on Court Street towards Arigato's Steakhouse at 26508 US Highway 19 North.

Two members of Hogan's drifting team were also traveling along the same route in a Dodge Viper.

A number of eyewitnesses stated that the two cars were street racing.

Hogan was driving 20 mph above the speed limit when his Supra spun out of control, hit a curb, and crashed into this palm tree in the median strip.

The reality TV star was released from the hospital the following day with minor injuries.

Graziano, who was not wearing a seat belt, suffered a serious skull injury that left him with severe brain damage. He spent two years at the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital in Tampa before he was finally released. Graziano lost most of his ability to function normally and will need a lifetime of care.

A test that was taken two hours after the crash showed that Hogan's blood alcohol level was at least twice the legal limit for a minor.

On November 7th, 2007, Hogan was arrested on several charges, including felony reckless driving involving serious bodily injury. He entered a "no contest" plea in May 2008 and was sentenced to eight months in jail, five years probation, and 500 hours of community service. His driving license was also suspended for three years, and he was forced to attend a DUI program.

In October 2008, he was released early from Pinellas County Jail after serving 166 days (roughly five months) due to good conduct.

The Graziano family later sued the Hogan family for the accident. However, the two parties eventually settled out of court.

At around 4 a.m. on Saturday, November 18th, 2023, Hogan was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in Clearwater—the same city where the Toyota Supra crash occurred.

Nick Hogan crash site location

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Court Street, Clearwater, Florida, FL 33756, USA


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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the site are:

27.960807, -82.783581


The crash occurred outside 1294 Court Street, which is 1,200 feet east of the intersection between Court Street and Missouri Avenue.

Details about the general area

Clearwater is a city in Florida's Tampa Bay area.


Photos of the site and other related images.



Image source: Google Maps

The crash occurred outside 1294 Court Street in Clearwater. His yellow Toyota Supra was mangled beyond repair.

Both the Supra and the Dodge Viper belonged to his father, Hulk Hogan.

Nick Hogan now

nick hogan now

Image source: TMZ

Hogan was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in November 2023 after he refused to do a sobriety test.

The incident has been logged as a misdemeanor.

John Graziano

John Graziano

John Graziano suffered serious brain damage and will require full-time medical care for the remainder of his life.

His younger brother, Michael, was killed in a car accident five years later, in April 2012.

Like John, he was not wearing a seat belt.

Crash site


Sources such as Wikipedia state that Hogan's crash occurred at the intersection between Court Street and Missouri Avenue. However, this is imprecise.

We geolocated the crash scene photographs to the area in the red circle, which is 1,200 feet east of the intersection.

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