The sidewalk where Mark Diggs was murdered

Crime Scene Location in Los Angeles, California

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The sidewalk where Mark Diggs was murdered

This is the sidewalk where Mark Diggs was murdered.

It is situated on the northern side of 696 Mateo Street in Los Angeles, California.

Diggs is the second known victim of a suspected serial killer who targeted homeless men in late November 2023.

The 62-year-old pushed his shopping cart into this section of the sidewalk on Mateo Street at roughly 4.45 a.m. on Monday, November 27th, 2023.

While he was plugging his phone into a charger and preparing to turn in for the night, an unidentified gunman approached him and shot him in the head.

Diggs' murder took place only one day after the first victim, Jose Bolanos, was found shot to death in an alley in South Los Angeles.

The two locations are 11.6 miles apart.

Following Diggs' murder, a security camera captured a gray BMW driving northbound on Imperial Street, in the direction of 6th Street.

On December 2nd, 2023, the LAPD arrested a man named Jerrid Joseph Powell (33) in connection with the crimes. Powell's gray 2024 BMW was determined to be at all three crime scenes. Furthermore, a gun found in his vehicle proved to be a match with the weapon used in the murders.

When the arrest took place, Powell was already in custody for a homicide that occurred during a home robbery on Thursday, November 30th, 2023.

Mark Diggs crime scene location

The address and the GPS coordinates for this location are as follows:


696 Mateo Street, Los Angeles, California, CA 90021, USA


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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the sidewalk are:

34.035061, -118.232248


It is roughly 140 feet north of the intersection between East 7th Street and Mateo Street.

Details about the general area

The shooting took place in the Arts District neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles. It lies to the east of Skid Row.


Photos of the sidewalk and other related images.

Diggs' murder

Mark Diggs murder serial killer

Diggs was shot dead on the sidewalk outside 696 Mateo Street.

The parking lot in the background provides pedestrian access to Imperial Street.

Suspect's car

Suspect car

The Los Angeles Police Department released a photograph of the alleged serial killer's car.

Although they did not say where the security footage was captured or which murder it was connected to, we were able to geolocate it to this section of Imperial Street.

Imperial Street is just one block east of the location where Diggs was murdered.

Above, you can see the cone-shaped pillar (yellow circle) of 611 Imperial Street and the security camera that captured the suspect's car driving northbound (red circle).

Coordinates: 34.037663, -118.231550

Google Maps

Mateo Street

600 block mateo street

The shooting occurred in the yellow circle. The killer's BMW was captured near the red arrow, heading north toward East 6th Street.

Crime scene

Crime scene

Diggs had parked his shopping cart shortly before he was murdered. It is believed that he was preparing to go to sleep.

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