The house from Gone Girl (2014)

Filming Location in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

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The house from Gone Girl (2014)

This is the house from Gone Girl (2014).

It is located at 3014 Keystone Drive in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

In the film, the property belongs to Nick and Amy Dunne, a married couple who live in the suburbs of a fictional town called North Carthage.

The story begins when a neighbor calls Nick (Ben Affleck) and informs him that his front door is open.

When Nick returns home to see what is going on, he realizes that the house is empty. His wife, Amy (Rosamund Pike), is nowhere to be seen, and someone has smashed the glass coffee table in the living room into pieces.

The police arrive shortly afterwards and immediately see signs that a violent struggle may have occurred. A forensic examination of the house confirms their suspicions, as a luminol test uncovers evidence that a large pool of Amy's blood was recently mopped up in the kitchen.

Flashback scenes throughout the movie show us that Nick and Amy Dunne's marriage was steadily deteriorating over time and that Nick engaged in an affair with a younger woman.

He quickly becomes the prime suspect in his wife's disappearance after investigators learn about the couple's relationship problems and their apparent financial struggles.

Although all of the signs point towards his guilt, it soon becomes obvious to the viewer that something far more complex is going on.

Gone Girl house address

The address and the GPS coordinates for this location are as follows:


3014 Keystone Drive, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, MO 63701, USA


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GPS coordinates

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the house are:

37.324741, -89.575491


Keystone Drive is a cul-de-sac that is accessible via North Mountain Auburn Road. It is close to the entrance to Cape Woods Conservation Area.

Details about the general area

Cape Girardeau is in southeastern Missouri. The city lies about 100 miles south of St. Louis. It is close to the state lines with Illinois and Kentucky.


Photos of the house and other related images.

Nick arrives home

Nick Dunne arrives home

Nick Dunne arrives home to investigate why the couple's front door is open. When he pulls into the driveway, he notices that their cat is outside.

Gone Girl house

gone girl house

The Dunnes' neighbor, Bob, watches on from across the street.

3014 Keystone Drive

3014 Keystone Drive Missouri

This Google Street View image of 3014 Keystone Drive was taken in November 2022—eight years after Gone Girl (2014) was released.

The house was built in 1993. It has five bedrooms and is roughly 4,400 square feet in size.

Note that this property was only used in the exterior shots. All of the interior scenes were filmed on a sound stage in Los Angeles. Realtor photographs show that the layout is different from the one that appears in the movie.



Reporters gather outside the couple's home.

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