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The house from Gone Girl (2014)

The location where Phoenix Coldon's car was found abandoned

Roughly 119 miles away.

Crime Location in St. Louis, Illinois

On December 18th, 2011, Phoenix Coldon left her family home in Spanish Lake, Missouri, and was never seen again.

Her Chevy Blazer was later found abandoned on this street in St. Louis, Illinois.

Maury Travis' house

Roughly 134 miles away.

Serial Killer House in St. Louis, Missouri

Serial killer Maury Troy Travis lived at this house on Ford Drive in St. Louis up until his arrest in June 2002.

It is believed that he murdered his victims in the basement of the property.

The site where Patsy Cline died in a plane crash

Roughly 146 miles away.

Crash Site Location in Camden, Tennessee

In March 1963, country singer Patsy Cline was killed after her plane crashed into this wooded area near Camden, Tennessee.

The pilot and two other musicians also died in the accident.


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